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Asahi Group's History

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. executed an absorption-type split on July 1, 2011 and completed the transition to a pure holding company by changing its trade name to Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

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Establishment 1960


Osaka Beer Brewing Company was established. (November)


The Suita-mura Brewery, now Asahi Breweries’ Suita Brewery, was completed. (October)


Asahi Beer was launched. (May)


The company was reorganized into Osaka Breweries, Ltd. (February)


The first Asahi House beer hall opened for business. (July)


The company launched ASAHI DRAFT Beer, Japan’s first bottled draft beer.


Dai Nippon Breweries, Co., Ltd., was jointly established by Osaka Breweries, Ltd., Japan Beer Brewery, Ltd., and Sapporo Beer Co. (March)


Mitsuya Brand “HIRANO CHAMPAGNE CIDER” (carbonated drink) was launched.


EBIOS, a pure brewer’s yeast preparation tablet, was introduced. (May)


Asahi Breweries, Ltd., was established. (September) Tamesaburo Yamamoto became the company first president. Dai Nippon Breweries, Co., Ltd. was divided into Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and Nippon Breweries, Ltd., upon enactment of the Economic Decentralization Act. Headquarters: Tokyo Branch offices: Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Shikoku, and Kyushu Breweries: Azumabashi, Suita,Nishinomiya and Hakata


Shin Nippon Glass, later Asahi Beer Pax Co., Ltd., was established. (September) In June 2003, it merged with and became Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.


Asahi invested in NIKKA WHISKY Distilling Co., Ltd. (August)


Asahi introduced Japan’s first canned beer, under the Asahi label. (September)


Through a joint investment, Hokkaido Asahi Breweries was founded with local capital from Hokkaido. (April)


Asahi developed the world’s first outdoor brewing/storage tanks for installation at its breweries in Nishinomiya, Azumabashi, and Hakata. (March)


Japan’s first beer gift coupons were introduced. (June)


1970 - 1980


Asahi introduced Japan’s first aluminum-canned beer. (June)


Mitsuya Vending, now Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., was established. (March)


ASAHI DRAFT KEG BEER (7 liter), Japan’s first beer in a small aluminum keg, was launched. (May)


The right to the trademark for Bireley’s was acquired. (November)


Tsutomu Murai took office as president. (March)

Asahi signed a collaborative business agreement with Lowenbrau of Germany. (November)


The right to the trademark for WILKINSON carbonated drink was acquired. (January)


Chiba Chinese Herb Medicine Laboratory, now Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd., was established. (September)


Asahi announced its introduction of Corporate Identity (CI). (October)


NEW ASAHI DRAFT Beer was launched. (February)

Tsutomu Murai became chairman, and Hirotaro Higuchi took office as president. (March)


Japan’s first dry beer, ASAHI SUPER DRY, was launched, becoming a mega-hit that brought about a revolution in the beer industry. (March)


Asahi signed a collaborative business agreement with Bass Exports, of the UK, for the importation and sale of Bass Pale Ale. (March)

A Monument to the Memory of Our Predecessors was established in Suita, commemorating the pioneering efforts of Asahi employees and other forerunners in the beer industry. (April)

Asahi acquired majority stock ownership of Nippon National Seikan Co., Ltd., thus entering the can-manufacturing business. (April) Later, Asahi transferred the stocks to Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd.

Asahi Beer Winery was established. (July)

Asahi Beer Soft Drink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., now Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., was founded. (November)


The corporation was renamed Asahi Breweries, Ltd. (January)




Asahi Beer Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., now Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., was established. (September)


Asahi Beer Food, Ltd., now Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd., was established. (March)

Hirotaro Higuchi became chairman, and Yuzo Seto took office as president. (September)


Asahi acquired shares in three beer companies in China, Hangzhou Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd., Quanzhou Qingyuan Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. Fujian, and Jiaxing Haiyan Beer Xihu Asahi Co., Ltd., and signed technical and production licensing agreements with each of these companies. This marked Asahi’s full-scale entry into the Chinese beer market. (January)

Asahi Beer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., now Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd., was established. (March)

Asahi Breweries and Hokkaido Asahi Breweries were consolidated. (July)


Asahi concluded a comprehensive, multipurpose collaborative business agreement with Miller Brewing Company of the U.S. (July)

Asahi and Itochu Corporation jointly acquired the management rights for Beijing Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. and Yantai Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. (December)


Asahi entered a comprehensive business alliance with Bass Brewers of the UK. (May)

Asahi Beer Soft Drinks merged with Asahi Beer Soft Drink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and Hokuriku Asahi Beer Soft Drink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and was renamed Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., going into operation as a manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks. (July)


Asahi’s China Business Coordination Department was established in Beijing, China. (September)

Asahi Breweries Research & Development Center opened. (October)


Asahi Beer U.S.A., Inc., was established. (April)

Asahi Beer Europe Ltd. was established. (May)

Asahi achieved the leading market share in beer sales in Japan. (December)


Yuzo Seto became chairman, and Shigeo Fukuchi took office as president. (January)


2000 - 2005


Asahi launched ASAHI HONNAMA HAPPOSHU (low-malt beer). (February)

Sales departments of Asahi and Nikka were merged (April)

Asahi claimed the No. 1 share in the Japanese beer/happoshu market. (December)


Shigeo Fukuchi became chairman, and Kouichi Ikeda took office as president. (January)

Asahi Beer Food, Ltd., and Asahi Beer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., merged to form Asahi Food & Healthcare Co., Ltd. (July)

Asahi entered a comprehensive business alliance with ORION BEER Co., Ltd. (August)

The companies launched ASAHI ORION DRAFT. (November)

Asahi debuted a new total alcoholic beverage business structure by acquiring sales rights to brands of Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co., Ltd., and Asahi Kasei Corporation, and by entering into a strategic sales alliance with Maxxium Japan K.K. (September)


Asahi signed the agreement for establishment of Tingyi-Asahi-Itochu Beverages Holding Co.,Ltd., jointly with Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Company, the largest Chinese packaged food and beverage company. (January)

Asahi acquired the Japanese sales rights of renowned Italian sparkling wine producer F.lli Gancia& C. S.p.a. (June)

Asahi raised its stake in South Korea’s Haitai Beverage Co., Ltd., making it a consolidated subsidiary. (July)

Asahi invested in the alcoholic beverages sales company of South Korea’s Lotte Group to establish Lotte Asahi Liquor Co., Ltd. (November)


Asahi acquired the stock of chilled beverage maker LB Co., Ltd. (Saitama) (May) and LB Co., Ltd. (Nagoya). (September)

Shepherd Neame Ltd. began production of ASAHI SUPER DRY in the UK. (September)


2006 - 2010


Kouichi Ikeda became chairman and Hitoshi Ogita took office as president (March)

Asahi acquired the stock of Japan’s largest baby food maker, Wakodo Co., Ltd.(May)

Asahi established Asahi Green Source High-Tech Farm Co., Ltd., in joint venture with Sumitomo Chemical and ITOCHU Corp. in Laiyang, Shandong province, China (May)

Asahi established Hangzhou Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd., in China (May)


Asahi formed business and capital alliance with Kagome Co., Ltd. (February)

Wakodo Co., Ltd., became wholly-owned subsidiary (April)


Asahi developed Super End 206 next-generation light weight can tap/lid (February)

Asahi launched Clear Asahi, new genre beverage (no-malt beer) (March)

Asahi acquired the stock of Amano Jitsugyo Co., Ltd. (July)

Suita Brewery incorporated on a full scale the “Pre Isomeriser and Evaporator (PIE) method technology, the first of its kind in the world (August)

Asahi established ASAHI & MERCURIES CO., LTD general beverages sales company in Taiwan (September)

Following the capital tie-up with Yantai Beer Group Co., Ltd. in Shandong, China, and Tsingtao Beer, the company changed its name to Yantai Beer Tsingtao Asahi Co., Ltd. (November)


Asahi began Asahi Super Dry “Refreshingly Sustainable” project (March)

Asahi acquired the entire stock of Schweppes Australia (April)

Asahi acquired the stock of Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. (April)


Hitoshi Ogita became chairman and Naoki Izumiya took office as president (March)

Asahi began full scale development of extra cold Asahi Super Dry (March)

Asahi entered business purchase agreement with House Foods Corporation to acquire its mineral water business

Asahi entered into share purchase agreement to acquire P&N Beverages Australia Pty Ltd. (August)

Asahi invested in Ting Hsin Group, China’s largest packaged food and distribution group. (November)


2011 -


Asahi entered into a share sale agreement to sell its stake in HAITAI BEVERAGE COMPANY, LIMITED. (January)

Asahi became a pure holding company, changing its company name to “Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.” from its former name “Asahi Breweries, Ltd.” ( July)

Asahi entered into a share sale agreement to sell its stake in Hangzhou Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xihu Beer Asahi Co., Ltd. (August)

Asahi acquired all the issued shares in a major New Zealand alcoholic beverage company, Flavoured Beverages Group Holdings Limited. (September)

Asahi acquired all the issued shares in a New Zealand beverage company, Charlie’s Group Limited. (September)

Asahi acquired mineral water and fruit juice businesses from an Australian beverage company, P&N Beverages Australia. (September)

Asahi acquired all the issued shares in a Malaysian beverage company, Permanis Sdn. Bhd. (November)


Asahi Breweries, Ltd. launched a new beer-taste non-alcoholic beverage named “ASAHI DRY ZERO” (February)

“NIKKA TAKETSURU PURE MALT 17 YEARS”, the group’s one of the major whisky brands, was awarded the world’s highest honors for the first time in the 2012 World Whiskies Awards Best Blended Malt Whisky section. (March)

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. launched a new black beer brand named “ASAHI SUPER DRY DRYBLACK” (April)

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. launched a new happoshu brand named “ASAHI RED EYE” (June)

Nishinomiya Brewery operated by Asahi Breweries, Ltd. ended production. (August)

Asahi established two joint venture companies in Indonesia for launch of business of beverage manufacture and sales in Indonesia with PT Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk. (September)

Asahi acquired all the issued shares in Calpis Co., Ltd. (October)


Asahi Breweries, Ltd. commenced Japanese domestic sales of eighteen items of eight brands manufactured by Brown-Forman Corporation, including whiskey and liqueur. (January)

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. launched “CLEAR ASAHI PRIME RICH”. (March)

Asahi entered into a contract to establish a joint venture company for “Calpis” brand beverage products in Thailand. (March)

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. launched “SUPER DRY – DRY PREMIUM - GIFT”, limited to special gift set sales. (June)

Asahi entered into a share trading contract to acquire all issued shares in PT Pepsi-Cola Indobeverages, a bottler for the PepsiCo group in Indonesia. (June)

Control of the Japanese domestic beverage businesses and sales departments of Calpis Co., Ltd. was transferred to ASAHI SOFT DRINKS CO., Ltd. (September)

Asahi entered into a business transfer contract concerning the bottled drinking water business of PT Tirta Bahagia in Indonesia. (November).

The green tea “ICHI OCHA GREEN TEA” was launched in Indonesia. (December)

The canned coffee “WONDA” was launched in Malaysia. (December)


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