CSR of Asahi Group

Message from the Officer in Charge of CSR

The Asahi Group, having renewed its CSR material issues, is aiming to further promote ESG initiatives.

The Asahi Group has updated the Long-term Vision for 2016. In tandem with this, we have formulated our Medium-term Management Policy, which stipulates the medium-term course of action to be pursued so as to put the vision into practice. In accordance with the vision and policy, the group is striving toward more sustained corporate value enhancement. Under the Medium-term Management Policy, we will promote the enhancement of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) initiatives as one of the three key priorities. Thus, we will devote substantially more effort to such ESG initiatives with the aim of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.

In launching the Medium-term Management Policy, the Asahi Group has formulated new, CSR Key Themes, which are the group's CSR materiality.

The year of 2015 was a truly transformative year, as new targets and goals concerning social problems were globally adopted. Among these, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were also adopted as a new, universal set of goals at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit, and the Paris Agreement was adopted at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP21).

The Asahi Group is accelerating the global development of its operations—the supply chains of which have stretched across the globe. Under such a situation, we really need to stipulate clear goals, in order to stay ahead of competitors and to identify and respond to the above-mentioned international transformative changes. To this end, the group has formulated its new, CSR Key Themes. In preparation for the formulation of these, “stakeholder dialogues” among management team members and external experts were conducted. Such dialogues provided a meaningful opportunity to remind us of how international frameworks have been changing, and they deepened our discussions on what directions the Asahi Group should take to address social problems, as well as determine and identify CSR material.

In 2016, as the first year of the Medium-term Management Policy, the Asahi Group will intend to reinforce ESG initiatives based on the new, CSR Key Themes. We will make our utmost effort to further promote ESG initiatives with more effective actions through the Group CSR Promotion Council, a cross-group organization, and will endeavor to become a corporate group trusted by all of our stakeholders.

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
Director and Corporate Officer
Noboru Kagami