President’s Message

We aim at corporate value enhancement by promoting ESG initiatives through our business activities

In 2016, the Asahi Group has updated the Long-Term Vision and started initiatives for the Medium-Term Management Policy, which indicates the medium-term direction for realizing the business vision.

In this Medium-Term Management Policy we have established the reinforcement of ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives as one of the three key priorities, through which we would like to sophisticate “invisible capital” such as natural and social capital and human resources, and develop CSV (creating shared value) leveraging the strength of the Asahi Group.

Up until I took up the post of president of the Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. in March 2016, for almost five years I served as the president of Asahi Breweries, Ltd., the core operating company of the Group. The impression I have from this experience is that in promoting ESG initiatives, it is essential to enhance the relationship between such initiatives and the activities of operating companies.

The strength of the Asahi Group is the outcome of many years of business activities by each operating company. I believe that only after we make the best use of these advantages through our business will it result in deepened ESG initiatives and CSV (creating shared value).

For example, since 2009, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has been using green electric power to manufacture its mainstay Asahi Super Dry 350 ml cans and other beers included in gift sets. The quantity sold of the items produced by utilizing green electric power has already exceeded 9 billion cans; from among products made using green electric power, Asahi Super Dry boasts itself as being the product with the No. 1 green power consumption in Japan.

The Asahi Super Dry brand has sold a total of 3.6 billion cartons since its release in 1987. In my view, it is in the background of the growth of such a large-scale brand that our activities are in part located; they have been promoted with constant awareness of collaborative creation with many different stakeholders, natural capital and social capital.

In a 2015 survey conducted by the international non-profit CDP, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. was selected as one of the A List (highest-scoring) companies in both categories of water-resource management and climate change.

The activities recognized in this survey are precisely those that the Asahi Group has continued as our business. More specifically, in water-resource management, a reduction of water consumption and management of drainage in the production process, and as part of efforts to tackle climate change, the utilization of green electric power and the introduction of energy-saving vending machines, were highly rated. This again made us realize that to ensure a company contributes to the realization of a sustainable society, ideas about how we can make our business sustainable are indispensable.

In the Long-Term Vision updated in 2016, the Asahi Group has set forth the aspirations of “Striving to be a corporate group trusted around the world through the “Kando” of food (deliciousness, happiness and innovation)” and “Seeking sustained corporate value enhancement by pursuing satisfaction for all stakeholders.” To realize this vision, it is essential to implement the ESG initiatives and strengthen the relationship with stakeholders while integrating them into our business. I would like to realize further corporate value enhancement toward sustainable growth so that we are able to contribute to solving social issues through the business activities of the Asahi Group.

Akiyoshi Koji
President and Representative Director, COO
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.