President’s Message

President’s Message

ESG Initiatives in the Medium-Term Management Policy

The Medium-Term Management Policy implemented by the Asahi Group entered its second year in 2017.

This Medium-Term Management Policy cites enhancing the ESG (Environmental, Social  and Governance) initiatives as one of the three key priorities. Through these initiatives, we are aiming to promote CSV (Creating Shared Value) leveraging its strengths while upgrading intangible capital in the form of natural and social capital and human resources.

Engaging in ESG initiatives from the Viewpoints of Investors and Customers

The Asahi Group considers optimally balanced coordination between its holding company Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. and operating companies in the fields of alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and foods to be essential in its engagement in ESG initiatives.

While the satisfaction of stakeholders involved in the Asahi Group needs to be pursued in ESG initiatives, the related stakeholders differ between its holding company and operating companies. The holding company engages in activities aimed to improve corporate value focusing on investors etc., whereas the operating companies engage in business activities while building close relationships with business partners and customers.

For the Asahi Group overall to improve corporate value, it is vital to fuse the two viewpoints of its holding company and operating companies. This would also produce significant results for many stakeholders of the Asahi Group.

Aiming for CSV in ways unique to Asahi

We are also aiming to realize “CSV in ways unique to Asahi” in order to strengthen our ESG initiatives. Asahi Group businesses are full of various resources. By identifying these from the viewpoint of contributing to society in some way and then putting these into our businesses, we believe that we could create “CSV in ways unique to Asahi.”

One example of this is using the yeast leftover from manufacturing beer in developing agricultural materials. We were able to prove that when trees that have undergone special processing of the cell wall of yeast that has been fermented are planted, immune strength increases, thereby improving resistance to insects and promoting root growth.

By accelerating these uniquely Asahi initiatives, we hope to contribute to solving social issues and further enhance corporate value.

Akiyoshi Koji
President and Representative Director, CEO
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.