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Long-Term Vision 2020

Asahi Group "Long-Term Vision 2020" & "Medium-Term Management Plan 2015"

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. has established its new long-term vision, “Long-Term Vision 2020”, which articulates a vision for the Asahi Group in the year 2020, and new medium-term management plan “Medium-Term Management Plan 2015”, a three-year action plan that establishes the foundation to implement the Long-Term Vision.
In the Medium-Term Management Plan 2012, a three-year plan for the period until 2012, the Asahi Group focused on raising the profitability of existing businesses, generating synergies among Group companies andand establishing a new structure to enhance the corporate value of the Asahi Group as a whole.
In the pursuit of improved profitability in existing businesses, the Group has exceeded the expectation by implementing measures such as the strengthening and nurturing of core brands, the development of optimal production and distribution systems, and the divestiture of unprofitable overseas businesses.
Domestically, as part of efforts to establish a new growth structure, we acquired all shares in Calpis Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of lactobacillus drinks. We expanded the foundation for growth in Japan and overseas markets with the acquisition of five beverage business(soft drinks and alcohol) operating business in Oceania and Southeast Asia. The future outlook is for significant changes. In the business environment changes include the potential impact of stagnation in the global economy originating from the debt crisis in Europe and possible increases in the consumption tax from 2014 in Japan as the mature market. In addition, diversifying stakeholder needs must be taken into account, along with changes in the Asahi Group’s business structure and improvement in its financial standing as well as the above-mentioned changes in the business environment.
Accordingly, Long-Term Vision 2015, which was established in 2009, has been revised. Long-Term Vision 2020 articulates a revised vision for the entire Group and a vision for stakeholders looking ahead to 2020 that the Group will pursue while following the management policies set forth up to now. The Asahi Group has not established fixed quantitative objectives in the Long-Term Vision, and has instead moved to a flexible framework enabling it to review business strategies and allocate resources in accordance with changes in the business environment to maximize value enhancement.

Overview of Long-Term Vision 2020

Striving to be a corporate group trusted around the world through the Kando of food (deliciousness, happiness and innovation)

Our goal is to become a corporate group that consistently creates new value based on the strengths nurtured in Japan, obtains No1 customer satisfaction in each region, whose employees work with enthusiasm, and grows together with society.

Vision for Stakeholders
Customers: Continue to create new value creation based on strengths nurtured in Japan
          and achieve No.1 ranking for customer satisfaction in Japan and each region of
          the world.
Business partners: Develop relationships with our business and alliance partners, that supports
              mutual growth and creates value for all parties.

Society: Contribute to the resolution of social problems through the Group’s businesses
       in areas such as development of a wholesome food culture.
Employees: Develop an environment in which employees can work vigorously and
         experience personal growth together with corporate growth.
Shareholders: Enhance corporate value (stock value) through sustainable profit creation and
            shareholder returns.
Mid-Term Management Plan 2015


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