Asahi Group Holdings is a global beer, spirits, soft drinks and food company that continues to create new values in order to share impressive moments with people around the world.

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Aiming at Further Development of
Management for Corporate Value Enhancement

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Asahi Group through "impression of the food (taste, joy, newness)",
it aims to be a corporate group that is trusted in the world.

The Challenge of Asahi

Asahi’s spirit that underpins the Asahi Group is having a challenger mind-set. Until now, we have created a variety of products, and opened up a new era by taking on diverse challenges. This spirit will remain intact going forward. With the challenging spirit, the entire Asahi Group will open up future possibilities, and create lots of “kando”, or excitements and emotional experiences.

Asahi Group’s History

Long history of corporate culture that cultivates innovation

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Asahi Group
Research & Development Center

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We aim at corporate value enhancement by promoting ESG
initiatives through our business activities

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Response to the UK’s Modern Slavery Act 2015