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Amano FoodsFreeze-dried products / Since 1983

Freeze-dried products to taste the freshness just by pouring hot water

We offer a wide range of freeze-dried products such as miso soup and general soup, porridge, risotto, pasta and curry, stew and bowls, and we are actively working on developing freeze-dried products that are said to be difficult. In the freeze-drying method, the cooked food is dried under vacuum without applying high temperature, so the colour, taste, aroma, and nutritional value are not easily lost, and it is convenient for preservation. Because one meal can be easily prepared, it can be used in various situations, such as those living alone, meals that you want to complete quickly when you are busy, and preparation for emergencies.

Brand History

It was started by Tatsuo Amano, who succeed in pulverizing caramel first in Japan, and established Amano Jitsugyo with a food processing business that uses freeze-drying technology. Started from supplying processed foods to companies at first, tried to create products for general customers, and finally began to sell miso soup with the brand name of Amano Food in 1983.