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CALPISNon Alcohol Beverages / Since 1919

Lactic acid drink that has been loved for more than 100 years

Calpis is a refreshing blend of sweet and tangy made with cultured milk, produced by a natural process with lactobacilli, yeast and fermentation. More than 100 years ago, Kaiun Mishima visited Inner Mongolia on business. His digestion, which had been weakened by the long journey to Mongolia, was fully restored by drinking the local cultured milk, and he discovered that both his body and mind were refreshed by the power of it. He was convinced that the secret of the tastiness and health of the drink lay in the milk and lactobacilli. After returning to Japan, he devoted his time to developing a cultured milk product that is tasty and healthy.

Brand History

The origin of the name "Calpis" is "Calcium" and the Sanskrit word "Salpis" (meaning the best taste). The name coined by the founder Mishima Kaiun. Since its launch in 1919, Calpis has grown into a product that is loved in Japan regardless of age over time, and is now also popular overseas.