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MITSUYANon Alcohol Beverages / Since 1884

A carbonated soft drink born in Japan that has been loved for its refreshing taste

"Mitsuya" was born from a natural mineral spring in Japan. In order to taste the elaborated deliciousness from nature, carefully filtered, using polished water and adjusted to a certain degree of hardness, and using the process of applying no heat enhances the fruit-derived aroma. No preservatives and a refreshing taste that has been loved for many years.

Brand History

In 1884, carbonated water that gushed out of a land called Tadamura Hirano, Hyogo Prefecture was the beginning of "Mitsuya Cider". In the Meiji era, Hirano hot spring water was recognized as mineral water called "Hirano water", and then it was marketed as "Mitsuya marked Hirano water", which was named after the tradition. This became the trademark "Mitsuya" later.