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ASAHI SUPER DRYBeer / Since 1987

"Karakuchi" beer that is the world-renowned Japan's brand with dry, crisp and clear taste

'ASAHI SUPER DRY' was a revolutionary product in Japan that proposed the 'Karakuchi' taste and values of unprecedented beer. The secrets of its great taste are 'yeast', 'raw materials' and 'production method'. Challenge every day to improve the quality when drinking so that as many customers as possible can enjoy its fresh taste supported by many customers across generations and countries.

Brand History

'Karakuchi' means dry, and it is the word that best describes the sophisticated yet congenial character of 'ASAHI SUPER DRY'. The name was given the title "Super" to mean a more dry-taste. Its refreshingly crisp, clear taste makes it an excellent match for any cuisine.