Asahi Super Dry has been loved by beer fans around the world since its birth in 1987.
To commemorate the 36th anniversary of its birth, we have released a collection of 36 NFT items.
Super Dry is a beer that encourages people to "Step Forward," to be themselves,
to be enthusiastic about the things they want to do, and to "move forward" in their lives.
We will continue to provide new value to the world as a cutting-edge brand
that encourages people to "Step Forward," to be who they are and to do what they want to do.

How can I purchase it ?

You can buy on OpenSea, one of the largest NFT markets in the world.
To purchase, you must be at least 21 years old and have a Wallet compatible with OpenSea.

Sales Period


NFT with special offer

One of the 36 NFTs with a special offer is a free admission of once to a special tour in the Super Dry Museum,
located at the Ibaraki Brewery in Japan.
Please note that the following restrictions apply to the use of this right.

  • •  The exercise of the right applies only to the first purchaser (purchase on the primary market). The experience can be utilized from the time of purchase until the end of March 2024. Therefore, The right will expire upon resale or transfer.
  • •  To activate your rights, you must contact the Special Reception Desk within 3 months of purchase. This contact information is listed in the Unlockable contents of the NFT with special offer.
  • •  Please note that you must be at least 21 years old and in possession of a valid NFT that gives the right to participate in the tour.
  • •  We reserve the right to refuse service due to unavoidable circumstances. Transportation to and from the museum and related accommodation expenses are at your own expense.



The collection is comprised of 36 NFT artworks that combine different elements such as products, advertisements, and artwork that make up to celebrate the 36th birthday of Asahi Super Dry.
Why is Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. publishing these NFTs?
ASAHI SUPER DRY wants to be a part of moments that bring you joy. We hope that these NFTs will also bring you joy and excitement.
What NFTs are included in the collection?
To see the entire collection, check out the ASAHI SUPER DRY BRAND COLLECTION on OpenSea. 36 cards, all one-of-a-kind, are of exceptional value and there is one special one that comes with a special tour of the Super Dry Museum.
How can I purchase the NFT Collection?
First, please make sure you have a Wallet. To purchase collections on OpenSea, please click here.
When can I start purchasing the NFT collection?
The NFT Collection will be available from March 17, 2023.
How much will the NFT Collection sell for?
The 36 NFTs are priced at 0.1 ETH. The special one with a unique offer will be 0.5 ETH.
Is resale allowed?
You can resell the NFTs after purchase. Please note that only the NFT with special offer can be resold or transfer. If you resell or transfer your NFT, you will lose the rights to exercise to special offer.
What are Unlockable Contents?
Please refer to this page on OpenSea for details about Unlockable Contents.
What are the benefits provided with the special NFT?
The purchase of the special NFT will be able to take part in a special tour of the Super Dry Museum, located at the Ibaraki Brewery in Japan, by making a reservation beforehand. For caveats regarding use, please click here.

About NFTs

What is an NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item or content, such as artwork, music, video, or even a tweet. Each NFT is unique and cannot be duplicated or exchanged for other assets of equal value.
How do NFTs work?
NFTs are created using blockchain technology, a distributed ledger that records transactions; when an NFT is created, a unique code is assigned and recorded in the blockchain along with information about the asset such as creator, creation date, and ownership history. This makes it possible to verify the authenticity and ownership of the NFT.
What can I do with an NFT?
As the owner of an NFT, you can exhibit it within the scope of the Terms of Use. You can also transfer ownership of NFTs to others by selling them directly or listing them in the marketplace for others to bid on.
How are NFTs different from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin?
Both NFTs and cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology, but for different purposes. Cryptocurrencies are designed to be used as a medium of exchange similar to traditional currencies, while NFTs are unique digital assets that represent ownership of specific items or content.
How are NFTs purchased?
NFTs can be purchased on various marketplaces, such as OpenSea; to purchase NFTs, you typically need to create an account on the marketplace and connect to a wallet that supports the type of currency used to purchase NFTs.
What is a wallet that stores NFTs?
wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to store, manage, and transact NFTs; it holds digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens.
When an NFT is purchased, it is typically stored in a wallet connected to a blockchain network such as Ethereum. The wallet displays information about the NFT, including the asset it represents, ownership history, and related metadata.