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WakodoBaby care products / Since 1917

More than for 100 years, the brand cares "always quality for baby"

Wakodo is a brand focused on products such as powdered milk, baby food and skin care products, and was developed by Dr. Tsukasa Hirota, who established the first Paediatrics in Japan. The most important and delicate baby care products must be safe to use when raising children. To that end, quality is the most important value we promise to our customers.

Brand History

Along with the desire of Dr. Hirota, the founder of Wakodo, to "save children who die from malnutrition," Wakodo launched infant formula in 1917 baby food in 1937, both is the first domestically produced. Since then, as a pioneer brand of childcare products in Japan, we have been helping babies grow healthy for more than 100 years.