Our Brands

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. is a global leader offering a diverse collection of brands centered on beer, alcohol and non-alcohol beverages, and food.
Established in Japan in 1889, the Group has always been committed to innovation and quality. This dedication has brought together iconic brands and the expertise of renowned breweries from around the world, including those with a rich heritage spanning over centuries.

Five Global

The Asahi Group set the expansion of five global brands as a key growth strategy. Each brand has a unique proposition, attractive to beer drinkers worldwide as a premium beer.

Expanding Non- and Low Alcohol Products

Under its global slogan “Responsible Drinking Ambassador,” the Asahi Group is implementing a variety of initiatives to raise awareness of appropriate drinking among people around the world.
One such initiative is the development and sale of non- and low-alcohol products, as well as awareness raising activities through the media and events, with the aim of realizing a society in which both people who drink alcohol and those who do not can respect each other and enjoy their drinks wisely according to their situation, physical health, mood, and other factors at the time.


Asahi's Responsible Drinking

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