Our Business

Ideal Business Portfolio

In addition to pursuing the sustainable growth of the existing businesses centered on beer category,
the Group will leverage this business foundation to expand into adjacent categories and grow new businesses and services.

Japan Business

Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Expand the potential of the businesses through synergies and optimizing product portfolio to anticipate change
  • Promote smart drinking and other initiatives to meet diversifying needs; create high-value-added services
  • Solve social issues such as carbon neutrality through business; optimize the supply chain across Japan
  • Super Dry
  • Black nikka
  • Mitsuya
  • Mintia
  • Wakodo
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Europe Business

Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Advance the premium beer strategy with expansion of the five global brands and focus on selective leading local brands.
  • Accelerate premium growth beyond core lager, such as non-alcohol beer, RTDs, and crafted beer.
  • Promote initiatives to reduce environmental impact, which entail the active use of renewable energy and the adoption of recyclable containers and packages.
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Kozel
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Oceania Business

Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Advance multi-beverage strategy through alcohol beverages and non-alcohol beverages with creating integration growth synergies.
  • Pursue health and well-being portfolio for our non-alcohol portfolio and innovations in growth areas such as non-alcohol beer, hard seltzers, and RTDs.
  • Propose new sustainability-focused value through introduction of new containers, packaging, etc. Advance supply chain management reforms.
  • Peroni Italy
  • Great Northern
  • Vodka Cruiser
  • Long White
  • Balter Master
  • Schweppes
  • Cool Ridge
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Southeast Asia Business

Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Expand into growing markets of > 600 million people in the region with the growth in Malaysia as the Cash Cow and using our own brand to expand into other markets.
  • Set up new segments such as the plant-based product segment to gradually diversify portfolio into more premiumization beverages and minimize dependency on Condensed Milk.
  • Deliver sustainability agenda including rolling out eco-friendly packaging. Build value in partnership with local communities through raw material procurement initiatives.
  • Goodday
  • Daily Champ
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Our Brands

Leveraging the strength of our robust and unique brands in each country, the Asahi Group is intensifying efforts to upscale our brand portfolio within local markets while expanding the reach of our global brands.

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Medium- to Long-Term Management Policy

Medium- to Long-Term Management Policy update involved analysis of megatrends to formulate optimal strategies that will contribute to implementing the Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP). By steadily implementing these strategies, we will strive to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium- to long-term as it sets its sights on becoming a group that continues to earn the trust of stakeholders into the future.

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Reports & Policies

Please reference our Integrated Report, Sustaiinability Report, Group Code of Conduct and other reports and policies from here.

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