Food Business

Leveraging proprietary technology to offer diverse foods from mint tablets to baby foods and freeze-dried foods, tailored to different lifestyles worldwide.

Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. oversee the food business for Asahi Group Holdings. We are focusing on our strengths and leveraging our leading brands to offer innovative and delicious products. Backed by extensive research and developed with exclusive technologies, all products in our portfolio undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure the highest levels of food safety and security. For example, Asahi Group Foods and Asahi Soft Drinks have together developed an entire lineup of confectionary and candy food products featuring the distinct and widely loved flavors of CALPIS and Mitsuya Cider.

Transition of Food Business (Revenue)

Core Brands


Source: SRI survey by INTAGE, candy (tablet confectionery) category, Japan region (excluding Okinawa), in all sales channels, May 2005 to January 2018 (units sold), May 2007 to January 2018 (amount sold)

Baby food

Source: SRI survey by INTAGE, baby foods category, Japan region, in all sales channels, No. 1 share by amount sold from January – December 2017

Itsumono Misoshiru Eggplant

Vegetable curry dishes ready in 60 seconds, just by adding boiling water. Using the freeze-dried technology of Amano Foods.

Food Companies

The Challenge of Asahi

The “Asahi spirit” that underlies The Asahi Group is to “challenge.”Until now, we have created all sorts of products, and opened up a new era by taking on various challenges. This spirit will remain intact going forward.With the challenging spirit, the entire The Asahi Group will open up future possibilities, and create lots of “kando”, or excitements and emotional experiences.