2. Our Business

Our Business

Ideal Business Portfolio

In addition to pursuing the sustainable growth of the existing businesses centered on beer category, the Group will leverage this business foundation to expand into adjacent categories and grow new businesses and services.

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Japan: Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Expand the potential of the businesses through synergies and optimizing product portfolio to anticipate change
  • Promote smart drinking and other initiatives to meet diversifying needs; create high-value-added services
  • Solve social issues such as carbon neutrality through business; optimize the supply chain across Japan
  • Robust brand portfolio in each business
  • Ability to develop new products and technologies that anticipate changing consumer preferences
  • Extensive touch points with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Cost management capabilities that can flexibly respond to changes in the business environment
  • Contributions to resolving social issues through products and various initiatives
  • Growing beer market due to liquor tax revisions
  • Emergence of new markets due to diversifying consumption and value systems
  • Growth in categories related to the rise in health consciousness
  • Changing social structure including an increase in double-income households and the arrival of a super-aging society
  • Heightened interest in sustainable activities
  • Declining population
  • Increases in various costs, including a rise in raw material prices due to market fluctuations
  • Tightening competitive environment following sluggish consumer demand
  • Stagnation in the movement of people and a slump in economic activities
  • Climate change and the occurrence of large-scale disasters

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Alcohol Beverages Business

  • Super Dry
  • Clear Asahi
  • Zeitaku Shibori
  • Black nikka
  • Kanoka
  • Alpaca

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Soft Drinks Business

  • Mitsuya
  • Juroku Cha
  • Rokko
  • Bireley's
  • Welch

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Food Business

  • Mintia
  • Cream Genmai Bran
  • Ippon Manzoku Bar
  • Dear-Natura
  • EBIOS Tablets
  • Wakodo
  • Balance Kondate
  • Amano Foods

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Europe: Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Advance the premium beer strategy with expansion of the five global brands and focus on selective leading local brands.
  • Accelerate premium growth beyond core lager, such as non-alcohol beer, RTDs, and crafted beer.
  • Promote initiatives to reduce environmental impact, which entail the active use of renewable energy and the adoption of recyclable containers and packages.
  • Portfolio of prominent global brands
  • Robust business foundation in local markets, sophisticated premium strategies
  • Cost management capabilities that enable a flexible response to changes in the business environment
  • Organizational capabilities with a wealth of diversity and a high level of employee engagement
  • Ability to promote businesses aimed at resolving social issues
  • Global trend toward premiumization
  • Rising consumer needs for high-quality local brands
  • Growth in non-alcohol beverage and RTD sales as a result of diversifying tastes
  • Advancement in digital technologies that help realize diverse value propositions
  • Growing support for businesses that help resolve social issues
  • Increases in various costs, including the rise in raw material prices due to market fluctuations
  • Lower consumer sentiment due to rapid price increases
  • Tightening competitive environment following the stagnant demand for beer consumption
  • Tightening of various regulations such as liquor tax revisions
  • Rising geopolitical risks, climate change, and the occurrence of large-scale disasters
  • Pilsner Urquell
  • Grolsch
  • Kozel

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Oceania: Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Advance multi-beverage strategy through alcohol beverages and non-alcohol beverages with creating integration growth synergies.
  • Pursue health and well-being portfolio for our non-alcohol portfolio and innovations in growth areas such as non-alcohol beer, hard seltzers, and RTDs.
  • Propose new sustainability-focused value through introduction of new containers, packaging, etc. Advance supply chain management reforms.
  • Superior multi-beverage offering with leading positions in key categories (Beer, CSDs, RTDs, Cider)
  • Iconic brand portfolio well positioned for premiumization
  • Extensive customer reach & partnerships across Alcohol and Non-alcohol
  • Efficient, scaled network which provides superior cost leadership vs peers
  • Enhanced value chain with strong momentum on sustainability
  • Steady increase in alcohol and non-alcohol beverage consumption due to growing population
  • Well positioned to accelerate growth via premiumization
  • Growing BACs (Beer Adjacent Categories) as a result of diversifying tastes
  • Growth in sales of sugar-free beverages due to rising health consciousness
  • Heightened interest in sustainable business activities
  • Increases in various costs, including the rise in raw material prices due to market fluctuations
  • Decline in beer consumption as a result of diversifying tastes
  • Intensifying competition due to change in business strategies of competitors
  • Tightening regulations and taxes on alcohol and sweetened beverages
  • Slump in consumption due to extraordinary events (eg, pandemic, natural disasters)
  • Peroni Italy
  • Great Northern
  • Vodka Cruiser
  • Long White
  • Balter Master
  • Schweppes
  • Cool Ridge

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Southeast Asia: Key Medium-Term Strategies

  • Expand into growing markets of >600 million people in the region with the growth in Malaysia as the Cash Cow and using our own brand to expand into other markets.
  • Set up new segments such as the plant-based product segment to gradually diversify portfolio into more premiumization beverages and minimize dependency on Condensed Milk.
  • Deliver sustainability agenda including rolling out eco-friendly packaging. Build value in partnership with local communities through raw material procurement initiatives.
  • High level of affinity between the rising trend in health consciousness and the Company's brands
  • Strong business platforms, working with strategic partners and exploiting the largest vending network across Malaysia and Singapore combined.
  • Diverse organizational capabilities through strong, diversified and equitable senior leadership
  • High growth potential of the overall Southeast Asian market
  • Growing need for high-value-added products
  • Further expansion into the Southeast Asian region through exploration of new markets and countries
  • Room for further reach into the Islamic community, where Malaysia serves as a hub for halal products
  • Increases in various costs, especially the significant rise in raw material and freight prices due to market fluctuations, and logistics disruptions from shipment roll-overs and delays
  • Country risks such as political instability and delays in infrastructure establishment
  • Dampened consumer sentiments with rising inflationary pressures.
  • Goodday
  • Daily Champ

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Organizational Structure

Our Group Companies

System diagram of major Asahi Group companies and businesses (As of January 1, 2022)


Organizational Structure

In addition to the above Asahi Professional Management Co., Ltd. (a consolidated subsidiary) handles indirect business services that are common to domestic companies such as payroll, benefits and accounting, concentrating these services in one place and raising efficiency as a function company of Asahi Group Japan. Asahi Business Solutions Co., Ltd. (an equity method affiliate) undertakes IT related business on consignment for the entire Asahi Group. Asahi Beer Communications, Ltd. (an equity method affiliate) undertakes mainly the operations of factory tours in Asahi Breweries and Asahi Soft Drinks. Asahi Group Engineering Co., Ltd. (a consolidated subsidiary) designs and produces manufacturing equipment.