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Soft Drinks Business

Achieving industry-leading profitability, our Soft Drinks Business has more than 130 years of tradition, built on a foundation of core brands.

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. has seen steady sales growth through its range of flagship products led by Mitsuya Cider, a multi-variant cider brand long embraced by Japanese consumers; CALPIS, the No. 1 selling lactic acid drink in Japan; and Wilkinson, an authentic carbonated soda water beverage. LB Co., Ltd. produces chilled tea, based beverages, and seasonal fruit juice drinks for daily consumption.

Transition of Soft Drink Business (Revenue)

Core Brands

Wilkinson Carbonated Drink

Mitsuya Cider


Source: SRI survey by INTAGE, lactic acid drink market, January - December 2018 (cumulative amount sold), by manufacturer

Soft Drinks Companies

The Challenge of Asahi

The “Asahi spirit” that underlies The Asahi Group is to “challenge.”Until now, we have created all sorts of products, and opened up a new era by taking on various challenges. This spirit will remain intact going forward.With the challenging spirit, the entire The Asahi Group will open up future possibilities, and create lots of “kando”, or excitements and emotional experiences.