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Be yourself and shine as you are! This is the energy driving us forward to our future.

The Asahi Group's long-term strategy is to "contribute to a sustainable society by adapting to changing values on well-being, and delivering great taste and fun."We believe that putting the plan into practice will enable us to design the products and services to meet with the changes in people’s values and eventually bring greater joyfulness into everyday life. As part of the society, we are passionately embodying our mission statement “Deliver on our great taste promise and bring more fun to life” and we seek to make the world shine.
This includes our commitment to address environmental issues and social challenges through our business, bringing about a positive impact on society as a whole.

During the last several years, Asahi Group has been taking very proactive steps toward being global.We now operate our businesses in more than 100 countries and regions, with roughly 30,000 employees around the world.We have our valued customers all over the world. According to factors such as climate, culture or taste preferences, the specifics of products and services that are demanded by the local people varies.

The dynamic shifts within our environment resonate with the evolving perspectives on well-being.Under such conditions, we would not be able to capture and satisfy the changing demands unless we shift our mindset on products, business values and models.
To sustain ongoing transformation within Asahi Group, we are committed to fostering an environment that values diversity and enables individuals to express their unique qualities.

As Chief People Officer, I often have the opportunity to meet with our employees globally.
I have discovered that many of our employees approach things with positivity, authenticity, and curiosity.Our company’s strength lies in our corporate culture where each and every employee brings out their uniqueness, while embracing differences.

Just recently, I re-encountered a situation that encompassed this culture. It was when I attended the Safety & Wellbeing workshop with employees in our global locations.
Employees with a diverse array of ages, positions, genders, and nationalities were attending this meeting.Some employees were native English speakers while others struggled with the language. Nevertheless, we came together, bridged the language barrier, and engaged in lively discussions.Originally, I thought that collaboration and recognition in such diverse group could be difficult, but as a matter of fact we came together naturally to create something new. I was reassured that this open mindedness and positivity is one of our greatest strengths at Asahi Group.

As the global headquarters, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. oversees four regional headquarters: Japan, Europe, Oceania, and Southeast Asia.
As we accelerate our globalization, we place great emphasis on evolving together into a new Asahi Group.Collaborating with employees with various experiences and perspectives, while focusing on results, is a highly challenging task. However, this is also a unique and exciting phase where we are able to drive our own transformation at great scale.For employees at Asahi Group Holdings who interact with colleagues from around the globe on a daily basis, it is crucial to keep listening and be open-minded, free from preconceptions, while also driving things forward.

We humans have a natural inclination towards biased viewpoints.Hold on to your core values, while keeping an open mind – this will broaden your perspective beyond what is in front of us or familiar to us, and you’ll be able to gain new insights.These new insights will lead to new outcomes.This mindset is essential for every single one of us at Asahi Group Holdings, as we strive to connect globally and be innovative.

We bring people together to make the world shine brighter

We're actively seeking those who are ready to embark on an exciting journey with us at Asahi Group Holdings, to fulfill this promise we are making for the future.

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Keizo Tanimura
Director EVP and Group Chief People Officer

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The Asahi Group's "Medium- to Long-term Management Policy" calls for upgrading human capital to strengthen its strategic foundation, with the aim of enhancing the effectiveness of the business portfolio and core strategies it pursues.

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