Enhancement of Human Capital

As part of the Medium- to Long-Term Management Policy, the Asahi Group has set the goal of further enhancing human capital in order to strengthen the Group's strategic foundations. By doing so, we aim to bolster the effectiveness of our business portfolios and core strategies.
To these ends, we have established three approaches for our human resources strategy. We place great importance on improving employee engagement, as employees form the foundations of our Group.
Under our approach of “fostering the ideal corporate culture,” we will enhance engagement by fostering a corporate culture where employees, who are responsible for implementing strategies, can work in a lively manner. Under “continuously fostering leadership,” we will systematically train managers who lead Group management in the medium- to long-term. Under “securing essential capabilities,” we will acquire and satisfy capabilities vital for implementing our strategies. Through these approaches, we will support a management foundation that will promote the enhancement of corporate value.

AGP Medium-to Long-Term Management Policy Enhancement of Human Capital Fostering the Ideal Corporate Culture Continuosly Fastering Leadership Securing Essential Capabilities

People Statement