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Group Philosophy

Asahi Group Philosophy

The Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP) serves as the starting point for all of our business activities.
As we aim to realize growth as a global corporation, the opportunities and risks we face in our operating environment are becoming more extensive and complex. Amid these circumstances, our employees around the world adopt the AGP as a shared language and, guided by the AGP, are boldly taking on challenges to create value that is uniquely Asahi while sharing among them a common set of Group values and ideas regarding the direction toward which the Group should aim.
Going forward, each employee will strive to enhance the Group’s corporate value over the medium to long term by implementing the AGP in their daily activities.

Our Mission

Deliver on our great taste promise and
bring more fun to life

Our Vision

Be a value creator globally and locally,
growing with high-value-added brands

Our Values

Challenge and innovation

Excellence in quality

Shared inspiration

Our PrinciplesBuilding value together with all our stakeholders


Win customer satisfaction with products and services that exceed expectations


Foster a corporate culture that promotes individual and Company growth


Contribute to realizing a sustainable society through our business


Build relationships that promote mutual growth


Increase our share value through sustainable profit growth and shareholder returns

AGP Introduction

A Value Chain for Creating Unique ValueDrawing on the gifts from nature to deliver on its great taste promise and bring more fun to life


The AGP AWARDS is a company award that recognizes the various efforts made by our employees that embody Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP). It aims to deepen understanding of the AGP with colleagues, foster a corporate culture that puts the AGP into practice, and accelerate "Think Globally, Act Locally.
In addition, the Grand Prix winners will represent the Asahi Group and will select donation recipients for activities aimed at solving social issues. The winners will have various opportunities such as promoting the Asahi Group's material issues in the areas of Environment, Human Rights, Community, Health, and Responsible Drinking.

2023 Grand Prix Project:Carbon Neutral Brewery - Circular Energy with Twence (Netherlands)

 The Grand Prix of the 2nd AGP AWARDS was awarded to a project by Royal Grolsch in the Netherlands, which has made significant progress toward the realization of the first carbon-neutral brewery in the Asahi Group and the Netherlands.

 The project aims to achieve a carbon neutral brewery in three steps, in collaboration with Twence, a biomass-generated electricity, heat, and steam-supplying company.

 The first step was to achieve 100% green electricity from wind power in 2020.

 The second step was the creation of a sustainably energy supply system, which was implemented from 2021 to 2022. Via an underground piping network Twence supplies heat (hot water), to the city of Enschede. This network has been expanded and the brewery has been connected via two newly installed pipelines, in total more than 1 km long, that are located underneath the highway. The heat supplied by Twence via those pipelines is be used to power the brewery's bottle washers and pasteurizers and to heat the buildings.

 In parallel an installation to upgrade the biogas produced by the on-site waste water treatment plant and inject it into the natural gas grid, has been installed. Thus supplying 700 neighboring households with green gas from Grolsch. This innovative sustainable energy system was able to start operation six weeks earlier than originally planned, saving extra natural gas and reducing CO2 emissions and costs.

 The final step in this transition, step 3, is to produce steam from renewable energy sources. The company plans to use heat pumps to produce steam used in the brewing process, thereby reducing emissions from the brewery to zero in the future. The company will also continue to improve their sustainability efforts through VPPAs (Virtual Power Purchase Agreements) for green power and consideration of further intensifying collaboration with stakeholders e.g. by procuring food grade CO2.

 The project has been recognized as a great example of strong collaboration with the community in energy conversion and creating opportunities to the local business, is rooted in the Asahi Group's material issues, particularly in "Environment", "Community", and "Human Rights”. This is truly an initiative that realizes all three of Our Values in the AGP: Challenge and Innovation, Excellence in Quality, and Shared Inspiration.

▼Project Overview (Short Film)

▼Their Presentation at the
AGP AWARDS (Short Film)

AGP AWARDS 2022 Grand Prix : Asahi Super Dry Innovative Marketing Project (Japan)

The Grand Prix for the first AGP AWARDS went to the Asahi Super Dry Innovative Marketing Project, which offered new excitement in canned beer, in line with our mission of "bringing more fun to life”.
This product is a canned beer that offers an experience similar to that of a keg draft beer served in a restaurant. It is the world’s first canned beer that naturally produces a fine foam when opened, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. worked hard and together to launch it. We could see the social networking sites filled with people enjoying the product, that all the employees felt “shared inspiration” together with the customers.

The team has selected three environmental organisations that work to resolve the problem of garbage flows into the ocean and rivers and to promote recycling:
  • The Japan Environmental Action Network (JEAN)
  • The Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum
  • The Social Sports Initiative