Asahi Group Environmental Principles

We, the Asahi Group, will comply with this policy as a guideline for all employees to proactively address environmental issues, and will work together with our stakeholders to realize Planet Positive as envisioned in our Environmental Vision 2050.

  • 1. Create Environmental Management System

    We will create a management system for regularly monitoring environmental activities, and take actions toward continuous improvements.

  • 2. Proactively Promote Environmental Activities by Employees

    We will support and develop our people to proactively promote environmental activities on their own, and engage in efforts to foster the corporate culture and raise the environmental awareness of society as a whole.

  • 3. Strengthen Efforts for the Global Environment

    We will endeavor to preserve the global environment through efforts such as the prevention of pollution, sustainable use of resources, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and protection of biodiversity.

  • 4. Collaboration with Stakeholders

    We will collaborate with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, including local communities, and endeavor to create environmental value based on innovation and generates synergies.

  • 5. Promote Engagement

    We will disclose information in a way that is transparent and reliable, and proactively engage in communication with stakeholders.

  • 6. Compliance

    We will comply with environmental laws and regulations of each country/region, international rules, and the standards of the industry and our own Company.