Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles

The Asahi Group pursues the excellence in quality and delivers consistently on our great taste promise.

We are proud that, through our alcohol beverages and other products, we are able to offer a feeling of enjoyment and celebration to everyday life. We are also firmly committed to encouraging the sensible drinking of our alcohol beverages, because we understand that inappropriate consumption can create a variety of concerns for individuals, families and society.

Through the production and sale of alcohol beverages, we are proud to play a part in creating a richer lifestyle for people around the world. We will continue to address the challenge of reducing inappropriate consumption and the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture through the following:

  • We shall be aware of our responsibilities as employees of a corporate group that manufactures and sells alcohol beverages. As a member of a corporate group that manufactures and sells alcohol beverages, all employees will recognize that we have responsibilities, and act accordingly.
  • We will work to prevent and reduce alcohol-related issues such as drink driving, under-age drinking, drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and binge drinking.
  • We will comply with relevant regulations, industry standards and internal policies of Asahi Group Companies in our product development, advertising and sales activities.
  • We will fulfil our responsibilities as manufacturers and marketers of alcohol beverages. We will disclose appropriate information to external parties, we will provide advice and messaging to consumers regarding responsible alcohol consumption and we will work to disseminate correct knowledge.
  • We will work in conjunction with a variety of stakeholders in order to reduce inappropriate alcohol consumption.
  • We will work to develop innovative products which contribute to the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture without sacrificing flavour by mobilising the knowledge and technology of the Asahi Group, while utilising the gifts from nature.

Through the implementation of the above, we will be able to bring new and innovative alcohol beverages to our consumers and customers, and also create a rejuvenating/balanced relationship between people and alcohol beverages, aiming for longstanding wellbeing and prosperous societies in conjunction with sustained growth and enhanced corporate value.

We support the “Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol” adopted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

If Asahi Group Companies develop and implement additional detailed policies and guidelines in order to conduct business activities in line with the laws and customs of the countries and regions where we do business or to proactively develop responses to unique issues, subsequent policies and guidelines should not contradict these principles.