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Asahi Group Environmental Principles

At the Asahi Group, we recognize that water, agricultural products and other “gifts from nature” are essential for us to carry out our business activities. We take responsibility for preserving the environment for the future, so as to enable us to consistently deliver on our great taste promise, pursuing the excellence in quality. Not only is the Asahi Group endeavoring to reduce the burden on the environment, we are also developing innovative initiatives to create a positive cycle that can actually enhance the environment. We will continue working toward the realization of a sustainable society hand in hand with business growth.

  1. We shall comply with environmental laws and regulations in each country and region.
  2. We will reduce the environmental burden, and take action toward continuous improvements including the creation of a management system.
  3. We will endeavor to be more efficient in the use of the resources needed for our business activities, including energy, water and raw materials, and will work toward suppression of greenhouse gas emissions and waste, prevention of pollution and protection of the environment.
  4. We will take action to reduce the environmental burden throughout the value chain.
  5. We will endeavor for proactive communication with stakeholders through appropriate information disclosure, working to increase transparency and reliability.