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Group Policies

Asahi Group Code of Conduct

General principle

The Asahi Group (hereinafter referred to as “Asahi“) complies with laws and regulations of all countries and regions where Asahi does business. Where there is ambiguity in the application of a particular area of law or regulation, Asahi will act with integrity in accordance with the spirit of the Asahi Group Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as the "Code of Conduct“).

Our commitments

1. Compliance with laws and regulations of each country and region
  • We will comply with laws and regulations applicable to our business in all countries and regions where we do business.
2. Compliance with the Code of Conduct
  • We will act in accordance with the Code of Conduct. Where we see or hear of a breach of this Code of Conduct, we will immediately report to our line manager or our legal / compliance department.
3. Seeking advice from legal / compliance department
  • Whenever we are in doubt about ethics and compliance related matters, we will seek advice from our legal / compliance department.


1. Pursuit of customer and consumer satisfaction

Asahi places its highest priority on the safety and trust of its customers and consumers. Asahi wins customer and consumer satisfaction by complying with laws and regulations relating to the quality of its products and services and consistently exceeding expectations with its products and services.

Our commitments

1. Pursuit of customer and consumer satisfaction
  • We will not be constrained by precedents, but will approach our work with fresh ideas and ingenuity, always considering the perspectives of our customers and consumers, and will endeavor to deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.
2. Prioritizing safety and trust of our customers and consumers
  • We will strive to maintain the trust of our customers and consumers by placing utmost importance on providing safe and reliable high-quality products and services and committing to ongoing quality improvement. We will remain up to date on the relevant laws and regulations. We will establish and comply with the company rules on quality control standards and management items relating to our products and services.
  • In the event of a quality incident relating to our products or services, or concerns of such an incident arise, we will respond swiftly with the safety of our customers and consumers as our highest priority.

2. Be transparent and act with integrity

Asahi provides to customers and consumers helpful information regarding its products and services. Asahi addresses feedback and inquiries of customers and consumers swiftly and with integrity.

Our commitments

1. Proper explanation and disclosure
  • We will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the explanation and disclosure of relevant information about our products and services. We will provide accurate information and will avoid using expressions that may mislead our customers and consumers.
2. Responding to customer and consumer feedback with integrity
  • We will listen to the voice of customers and consumers carefully and respond swiftly and with integrity based on facts. We will value the voice of customers and consumers to improve our products, services, and business activities.
3. Taking responsibility for our words and actions
  • We will work with integrity, recognizing that our words and actions have direct impact on customer and consumer trust in our companies and brands.


3. Employee growth and establishment of a safe and positive work environment

Asahi respects the human rights and diverse values of all its employees, and strives to foster a corporate culture in which each employee can grow by making use of his/her unique skills and abilities. Asahi will grow itself through the growth of its employees. Asahi complies with labor laws in each country and region where Asahi does business as well as employment rules and employment contracts, and strives to create a working environment that ensures the safety and health of its employees.

Our commitments

1. Personal Growth
  • We will each seek to maximize our talents. We will not be satisfied with the status quo and will always strive to achieve higher goals.
2. Communication
  • We will promote active communication in the workplace. In the event of a workplace accident or incident, or if such a risk should arise, we will respond swiftly, by keeping close communication and supporting our colleagues.
3. Health and Safety
  • We will keep ourselves updated on laws and regulations concerning health and safety in our workplace and the status of their implementation, and always strive to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
4. Zero tolerance of illegal drugs
  • In order to properly perform our work, we will strive to maintain mental and physical health. We will refrain from possessing or using illegal or controlled drugs that affect proper performance of our work.
5. Zero tolerance of harassment
  • We will not tolerate harassment of any type, neither through words nor actions.


4. Contribute to a sustainable society

Asahi endeavors to address social issues through its business and to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society. The respect for human rights is fundamental to everything Asahi does.

Our commitments

1. Responsible drinking
  • As a member of a corporate group that manufactures and sells alcohol beverages, we will act responsibly and will work to disseminate correct knowledge regarding responsible drinking.
  • While we seek to bring a feeling of enjoyment and celebration to everyday life through our alcohol beverages, we recognize that inappropriate alcohol consumption may cause issues such as drink driving, underage drinking, drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and binge drinking. Therefore we will strive to reduce inappropriate alcohol consumption.
2. Preserving the environment
  • We will comply with environmental laws and regulations in each country and region where we do business and will work to reduce the burden on the environment, recognizing that water, agricultural products and other “gifts from nature” are essential for our business.
3. Respect for human rights
  • We will respect diversity and the human rights of individuals. We will not discriminate against or commit any act that damages the dignity of any individual based on nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, ideology, gender, age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, or employment status.
  • We will ensure a thorough understanding of relevant laws and regulations, and will not engage in acts that violate human rights, such as forced labor or child labor. We will expect the same of our business partners.

5. Anti-bribery

Asahi will not engage in any form of bribery or corruption, and strives to maintain honest and healthy business relationships. Asahi will remain politically neutral.

Our commitments

1. Prohibition of bribery
  • We will properly understand laws and regulations with respect to bribery and corruption in each country and region where we do business. We will not participate in any form of bribery of public officials or individuals in equivalent positions.
  • We will refrain from acts that give rise to suspicion of bribery, including providing entertainment, gifts, or donations that violate laws and regulations or would exceed commonly accepted social standards with the objective of winning or retaining business.
2. Prohibition of illegal political contributions
  • Where we have to choose to make political contributions in connection with legitimate political matters relevant to our business, we will follow the company procedures and comply with laws and regulations of each country and region.


6. Foster fair and healthy relationships with our business partners

Asahi engages suppliers and other business partners based on a comprehensive assessment, which includes quality and price. Asahi promotes fair and healthy relationships with business partners and works with partners to mutually increase corporate value.

Our commitments

1. Healthy business relationships
  • When evaluating business partners, we will place safety and trust of our customers and consumers as our utmost priority. We will build healthy business relationships through a comprehensive assessment of partners with respect to quality, price, reliability, stable supply, compliance, stance on environmental issues, and respect for human rights.
2. Fair business relationships
  • We will not conduct business in an unfair manner that breaches laws and regulations concerning fair competition in each country and region where we do business, such as setting trade terms that breach such laws and regulations.
3. Prohibition of inappropriate entertainment or gifts
  • We will not solicit or accept from our business partners monetary donations, or entertainment, gifts or any favor that exceeds commonly accepted business practice.
4. Prevention and elimination of relationships with organized crime elements
  • We will have no connection with organized crime elements or any individuals or groups which engage in illegal acts such as money laundering.

7. Promote CSR with our suppliers

Asahi promotes CSR in its procurement activities together with suppliers, respects human rights and the environment, and complies with applicable laws and regulations in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Our commitments

1. Promotion of CSR with our suppliers
  • We will share the Code of Conduct with suppliers and seek their compliance with policies including those prohibiting forced labor, child labor, other human rights violations, and bribery or corruption, and those with requirements to ensure a safe work environment and protection of the environment.
2. Understanding our entire supply chain
  • We will endeavor to understand our entire supply chain including our direct suppliers and their subcontractors, and verify and assess their compliance with laws and regulations, quality standards, and other policies.

8. Maintain fair competitive relationships

Asahi complies with laws and regulations concerning fair competition applicable to each country and region where Asahi does business and acts fairly and with transparency.

Our commitments

1. Prohibition of cartels
  • We will not participate in any agreement with competitors or other parties that inhibits fair competition.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations concerning fair competition in each country and region where we do business. We will not exchange competitively sensitive information with competitors that violates these laws or which could give the appearance of cartel activity
2. Prohibition of unfair business practices
  • We will not engage in resale price fixing, impose unfair contract terms, or commit any act that violates laws or regulations concerning fair competition in each country and region where we do business.
  • We will not use our dominant position in the market to commit any act that unfairly excludes or restricts the business activities of others.


9. Increase corporate value and protect company assets

Asahi seeks to increase corporate value through sustainable profit growth and appropriate return of profits to shareholders. To achieve this, Asahi manages its tangible and intangible assets properly in accordance with the company rules and protect the value of such assets.

Our commitments

1. Pursuit of innovation
  • We will endeavor to create innovation through our daily work and bring new value to the world.
2. Avoidance of conflict of interest
  • We will not commit any act that conflicts with the interests of the company without the company’s prior approval.
3. Stewardship of corporate assets
  • We will use our company’s tangible and intangible assets in accordance with the company rules and use them for legitimate business purposes only. We will work to protect the company’s brand and intellectual property as particularly important intangible assets while taking care not to infringe the rights of others.
4. Information management and confidentiality obligations
  • We recognize the importance of the information assets (including personal information of customers, partners, consumers, and employees) created or acquired by the company and will endeavor to manage them properly in accordance with the company rules. In the event of an incident such as information leakage, we will immediately report to our line manager and/or the relevant department.
  • We will adopt measures to prevent unnecessary disclosure of confidential company information. We acknowledge that online social networks (SNS) constitute a public arena, and will take due care when using these media and strive to manage the risk of information leakage or inappropriate disclosure of confidential information.

10. Timely, appropriate and fair disclosures

Asahi discloses company information in a timely, appropriate and fair manner in order for shareholders to accurately understand and evaluate company information, as well as to prevent insider trading and leakage of material non-public information.

Our commitments

1. Timely, appropriate, and fair disclosures
  • We will disclose company information in a timely, appropriate, and fair manner in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
2. Proper financial reporting and record keeping
  • We will conduct accounting in accordance with applicable tax laws and accounting standards, and ensure accurate and reliable financial reporting. Furthermore, we will create and retain appropriate documents and business records supporting material decisions and considerations in accordance with the company rules.
3. Prohibition of insider trading
  • We will not engage in insider trading of any form, including buying or selling shares based on material non-public information about Asahi Group Holdings ,Ltd. or any other company.