Corporate Statement

In Japanese, Asahi means ‘morning sun’.
We believe that each new day shines a little brighter when we bring people together.

We bring our customers together to connect, talk, laugh, share and have fun.
We bring our colleagues, partners and communities together to build a sustainable future.

And, together, we share in nature’s gifts to deliver on a great taste promise that brings people closer to enjoy the moments that matter.

Leaving a legacy of a brighter world tomorrow.

The new corporate statement is designed to enhance the Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP), a guiding ethos introduced in 2019 that underpins all business activities and is centered around the Group’s mission to “deliver on our great taste promise and bring more fun to life”.
The Asahi Group’s refined corporate statement Make the world shine - we bring people together to make the world shine brighter underscores its dedication to uphold the AGP and highlights the societal value and overall Group’s purpose. The new corporate logo and the accompanying corporate statement are crafted to convey its unique message clearly, underlining the Group’s commitment to building a sustainable future.

Asahi Group Corporate Statement (EN)About 1 min.

New Group Logo and Corporate Statement (Group CEO Message) FullAbout 4 min.

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