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CEO Message

Continuing to Earn the Trust of Stakeholders into the Future

Atsushi KATSUKI, President and CEO, Representative Director

COVID-19 outbreaks are repeatedly flaring up around the world, and we are yet to see indications as to when the pandemic might end. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to all those afflicted by COVID-19 as well as their family members, and my deepest respect and gratitude to the healthcare professionals and others battling on the front lines.

The Asahi Group’s business environment remains challenging, but we continue to pursue value creation-focused management in line with the Asahi Group Philosophy. In addition to advancing our premium strategy and enhancing our new value propositions in each region, we have now firmly established a robust global platform through our acquisition of the Carlton & United Breweries business in Australia. We are now also making progress on improving our financial position through optimal financing plans and a management approach that places emphasis on cash flow generation. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors led wide-ranging discussions on the way to formulating our new medium- to long-term strategies. Based on the premise that the various impacts of the pandemic have suddenly propelled us a decade into the future, the management team felt that discussions on the new strategies needed to be based on issues identified through back-casting from the megatrends we expect to see not only a decade from now, but also three decades into the future.

Based on these discussions, we have also updated our Medium-Term Management Policy to create a new Medium- to Long-term Management Policy, which incorporates our long-term strategy. The concept for our long-term strategy is: “Contributing to societal sustainability and responding to changing conceptions of well-being through delivering great taste and fun.” In line with this concept, we will optimize our business portfolio through identifying the risks and opportunities arising from the diversification of people’s ideas about well-being, while working to expand into new markets and ensure the sustained growth of our existing businesses with focus on our beer brands. We also plan to further enhance our core strategies. These include the acceleration of our digital transformation, bolstering of our research and development capabilities, and integration of sustainability-related considerations into our management approach, with the aim of achieving business growth through helping to address societal issues. We will also be working to enhance the ability of our workforce to support the implementation of these strategies through a range of initiatives including increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our workplaces. In these ways, we will fulfil our social responsibilities while also aiming to achieve sustained growth and increase our corporate value.

The Asahi Group depends on the blessings of nature to carry out its business activities. Our role in society also hinges entirely on continuing to earn the trust of all stakeholders. As we are in an age of global instability and unpredictability, we will engage in management aimed at ensuring growth over the medium to long term. We have set our sights on becoming a group that continues to earn the trust of stakeholders into the future by doing our part in helping to create a more sustainable world.

We humbly request your continued guidance and support.

February 2022
Atsushi Katsuki
President and CEO, Representative Director