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CEO Message

Developing the Asahi Group as an asset also valued by future society

Atsushi KATSUKI, President and CEO, Representative Director

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread around the world, with no end yet in sight. I would like to express my heartfelt sympathy to those affected by COVID-19 and their families and my deepest respect and gratitude to the healthcare professionals and others battling on the front lines.

The Asahi Group’s business environment remains challenging due to the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic including the worldwide slump in the food service industry. Despite such circumstances, we have continued working to enhance the value of our core brands in each business and offer new value propositions based on the Asahi Group Philosophy (AGP) and our Medium-Term Management Policy. In June 2020, we also welcomed Carlton & United Breweries, Australia’s largest brewer, into the Asahi Group, thereby further augmenting our global foundations for growth, with three core pillars in Japan, Europe, and Oceania.

We will now be focusing on rapidly responding to structural changes in society in order to bolster resilience and sophistication of each of our businesses on a local scale, while also endeavoring on a global scale to evolve the Group-wide utilization and cultivation of our richly diverse workforce, optimize our supply chains, and expand our deployment of core brands. In doing so, and through deeply integrating sustainability-related considerations into our management approach, acting in anticipation of long-term megatrends, and active investment in intangible assets such as research and development, we vigorously pursue our aim of becoming “Value creator globally and locally, growing with high-value-added brands”, which is stated on AGP.

The Asahi Group uses the blessings of nature for its offerings, and therefore, we earn the trust of our stakeholders—and only through with that trust can we serve our social role. The current instability and unpredictability in the global environment make it the perfect time for us to focus on engaging in sustainable management with a medium- to long-term perspective and building value through powerful partnerships with our stakeholders in order to develop the Asahi Group into an asset that is also valued by society in the future.

March 2021
President and CEO, Representative Director