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Our Principles and SystemResponsible Drinking

Basic Principles

In order to realize the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles (hereinafter the “Group’s Drinking Principles”), all Asahi employees recognize our responsibilities and act to reduce the inappropriate drinking habits and contribute the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture as a member of a corporate group that manufactures and sells alcohol beverages.

Overview of the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles

  • Policy 1Awareness and Actions of EmployeesAs a member of a corporate group that manufactures and sells alcohol beverages, all employees will recognize that we have responsibilities, and that we act accordingly.
  • Policy 2Reduction and Prevention of Issues Caused by Inappropriate Drinking HabitsWe will work to reduce drink driving, under-age drinking, drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding, binge drinking, and other issues.
  • Policy 3Responsible Marketing ActivitiesWe will comply with relevant regulations, industry standards, and internal policies of Asahi Group companies.
  • Policy 4Appropriate Information DisclosureWe will disclose appropriate information to external parties; we will provide advice and messaging to consumers regarding responsible alcohol consumption; and we will work to disseminate correct knowledge.
  • Policy 5Collaboration with StakeholdersWe will work in conjunction with a variety of stakeholders to reduce inappropriate alcohol consumption.
  • Policy 6Development of Innovative ProductsWe will work to develop innovative products that contribute to the sound development of the alcohol beverage culture, by mobilizing the knowledge and technology of the Asahi Group while utilizing the gifts from nature.

The Global Slogan “Responsible Drinking Ambassador”

To achieve the Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles, the Asahi Group has created the global slogan “Responsible Drinking Ambassador” in 2020.
It was created to be shared among employees of the Asahi Group as a slogan that reminds them of their mission as employees at a glance. The slogan includes the word “ambassador” to communicate the idea that the first step toward achieving the Group’s Responsible Drinking Principles is each individual employee taking responsibility for their drinking behavior and acting in pursuit of the Principles.
To instill in each employee the awareness and knowledge that they must be an “ambassador,” we have begun efforts including the expansion of e-learning about responsible drinking for not only operating companies dealing in alcoholic beverages, but other group companies in Japan as well.

Management System

The Asahi Group holds bimonthly Global Alcohol Policies Meeting with the Sustainability Team of the Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. taking on an administrative role and the officers and other persons in charge at the related Regional Headquarters attending. The meeting function as a sustainability task force, discuss actions to address alcohol-related problems throughout the Asahi Group and share successful initiatives. Through this system, we discuss ways to achieve the goal of responsible drinking.

Management System
  • Each company involved in the Asahi Group’s alcohol business has a management system for the cross-sectorial cooperation of the departments involved in the process from manufacturing to distribution.
  • There is a broad range of issues caused by inappropriate drinking habits. Accordingly, we do not have these problems handled solely by a specific internal organization. Instead, we have established a system under which we make group-wide efforts to tackle alcohol-related problems by assigning a role to each region of the Asahi Group. We are thoroughly implementing actions to give the highest priority to compliance in all aspects of our business activities.