Social Contributions Activities

Our Approach

The Asahi Group has designated as key domains for social contribution the fields of culture and art, academic and research, sports, and employee volunteer activities and support in times of disaster. It reviews initiatives from the viewpoints of ethics and legal observance as it engages in activities to contribute to society.

Our Basic Approach to Social Contribution Activities

The Asahi Group is working to develop affluent local communities where diverse values are respected. The Asahi Group promotes social contribution activities that make the most of resources, knowhow and networks it has built through past activities to assist the solution of diversifying social and environmental problems. The Asahi Group contributes to realizing an affluent society by laying one activity over the other, building networks and developing them.

Record of Our Social Contribution Activities

The Asahi Group’s social contribution expenditures and major initiatives are as follows:

Social Contribution Expenditures

Unit: million yen

2017 2018 2019
Total 1,376 1,351 1,292

*Applies to: Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd., Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.

Breakdown of Expenditures (in FY 2019)
Support for disaster-stricken regions Donated a total of 30 million yen and provided relief supplies in the wake of Typhoon Hagibis.
Support for reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake Donated approximately 102.75 million yen in total
Asahi Eco-mileage Donated approximately 10.4 million yen to 108 groups

Major Social Contribution Activities

The Asahi Group is proactively working to contribute to local communities based on is view that such contributions are a role companies are asked to fulfill. Major social contribution activities undertaken by the Asahi Group are as follows. (Linked websites are available in Japanese only.)

Promotion of Voluntary Activities

The Asahi Group is encouraging respective Group employees to keep taking part in voluntary activities. For that purpose, the Asahi Group has prepared systems, including leave and other systems for supporting their voluntary activities, an Intranet and an in-house magazine offering information about such activities.

Major Systems and Programs for Voluntary Activities by Employees
System/Program Content
Asahi Nice Life Leave System
(Volunteer Leave System)
Provides 12 days of annual paid leave for employees participating in voluntary activities that meet the required criteria.
Asahi Eco-mileage Converts voluntary activities of employees into points that serve as the basis for calculating donations to local community organizations
Provision of opportunities to participate in volunteer activities Allows employees to participate in volunteer activities, including the forest preservation activities
Volunteers who collect and donate various items Volunteers collect and donate used prepaid cards, used stamps, unused postcards, and other items

Support in Times of Disaster

The Asahi Group is making donations and offering relief supplies in the event of a disaster based on the idea of “providing what is needed to people in need in times of need.”

Disaster Area Support Results
2019 Typhoon Hagibis Donations and provision of relief supplies
2018 Eastern Taiwan earthquake in February 2018 Contributions donated
Northern Osaka earthquake in June 2018 Relief funds donated
Torrential rains in July 2018 Relief funds and supplies donated
Eastern Iburi, Hokkaido earthquake in September 2018 Contributions and relief supplies donated
2017 Torrential rains in northern Kyushu Donations
2016 Kumamoto earthquakes Contributions and relief funds donated
Relief supplies provided
Typhoon Lionrock (Hokkaido, Iwate) Contributions donated
2016 Central Tottori Earthquake Contributions donated
Fire in Itoigawa City Contributions donated

Our Social Contribution Activities in the Past

Please click here for social contribution activities the Asahi Group has undertaken up to this point. (Japanese only)