The Environment

The Asahi Group is proceeding with initiatives designed for specific activities under the Basic Environmental Principles, which stipulate the behavior guidelines for all Group employees regarding the environment, as well as the “Environmental Vision 2020,” which was formulated in March 2010 in order to strengthen the environmental preservation activities for the entire Asahi Group.
“Environmental Vision 2020" positions “Building a Low Carbon Society,” “Building a Recycling-Based Society,” “Conserving Biodiversity,” and “Spreading Awareness of the Gifts of Nature” as the four themes that serve as the pillar, and the Asahi Group is actively taking initiatives on environmental issues to aim for the realization of a sustainable society.

Key themes

Why this Issue is Important

Most of the ingredients used in Asahi Group products are gifts from nature. We have established the environment as an important field for our activities with the hope of helping to maintain it into the future based on our recognition of the fact that gifts of nature enable us to conduct our business activities.

Social issues that we are aware of:

  • Climate change/global warming
  • Drain on resources (concern over difficulties in acquiring resources)
  • Loss of the ecosystem services, etc.