Responding to Climate Change


Global warming has caused abnormal weather conditions all over the world, greatly damaging lives and properties. Phenomena include unprecedented changes to the climate, drought caused by heat wave, and flooding caused by typhoons and torrential rain. For the Asahi Group, which operates businesses using gifts from nature as its ingredients, climate change is an important environmental issue. Based on the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Asahi Group has adopted Asahi Carbon Zero, which sets its greenhouse gas emissions goal to be achieved by 2050 and interim targets to be achieved in the process, or by 2030. We will tackle climate change through initiatives for achieving these targets.

Management System


Main Results for FY2018

Going Forward

Moving forward, we will strive to achieve the goals by taking various energy-saving and environmental measures, including waste heat recovery (typically from steam used in manufacturing processes), reduced reliance on heating and cooling (for instance, through the introduction of cold can filling), introduction of co-generation and fuel conversion systems, and activities at all facilities carried out by applying ISO 14001.

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