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Sustainable Raw Material Procurement


The stable procurement of ingredients is essential for the Asahi Group's businesses.
At the same time, environmental risks such as those stemming from climate change may greatly affect the yields or quality of agricultural raw materials. It is vital to give consideration to ecosystems, the environments of agricultural production areas, and the human rights of local communities. In this situation, the Asahi Group faces the need to identify other places from which the Group would be able to procure its agricultural raw materials, including grains and fruits. It is also possible that the Group may be pressed to secure alternatives to its grains and fruits.

Based on the Asahi Group Sustainable Procurement Principles and in cooperation with suppliers, the Asahi Group complies with the Asahi Group Supplier Code of Conduct and is committed to procurement activities that are friendly to the global environment and local communities. The Asahi Group will build, for future generations, a mechanism to secure its agricultural raw materials without allowing them to be depleted. In this way, the Asahi Group pursues the sustainable procurement of raw materials to ensure that it is possible to preserve the valuable blessings of nature for future generations.

Management System


The Asahi Group will comply with the Asahi Group Supplier Code of Conduct in cooperation with its suppliers.
Regarding farm products it procures and the places of production they come from, the Asahi Group pursues the elimination of environmental risks and human rights risks in its procurement of agricultural raw materials. The evaluation of environmental risks is based on a perspective of climate change, water risks and biodiversity, and the Asahi Group evaluate human rights risks from a perspective of the environments of local communities and farms together with their human rights. In this way, the Asahi Group understands the current status of the risks faced by our suppliers and acts appropriately.


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