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Other Environmental Activities

Approach of Biodiversity

Since the Earth was came into being, it has given life over this long period of time to many different living things, including humans, which have survived due to their links with each other. The countless bounty that is provided by this biodiversity (ecosystem) is what supports our life and corporate activities.
For us to continue enjoying the bounty of biodiversity into the future, all of us who make up society must work together to protect biodiversity, and use this bounty in a sustainable manner so that it is not exhausted. As a part of society, businesses are also expected to take on important roles.
The Preservation of Biodiversity, which was adopted as a world treaty along with the Prevention of Global Warming at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, is an essential theme for the preservation of the balance of our ecosystem on earth.
To practice business activities that show sensitivity to biodiversity, the Asahi Group has put together philosophies and principles that will serve as the foundation of its biodiversity preservation activities. In March 2010, the Asahi Group has formulated and announced the Declaration on Biodiversity as the first of its kind in the domestic alcohol industry.

Asahi Group “Declaration on Biodiversity” Protect the Gifts of Nature

Each of Earth's diverse living things has its own role–and all live together in balance, depending on one another. Each of the things we need for our daily lives–including clean air and water, or delicious food and drink–are the gifts of nature, provided to us by the diversity of life. Because the business activities of the Asahi Group make use of nature's gifts, such as water and grain, we respect the diversity of life and work to preserve nature's bounty, nurturing it and passing it on to future generations.

Main Policies and Nine Action Guidelines under the Declaration on Biodiversity

Protect nature, which serves as the home of living things
  1. Protect the rich rivers and seas where species live
  2. Protect and nurture the rich forests where species live
  3. Create rich environments around our factories for living things to flourish
Use the gifts of nature with care
  1. Properly use the gifts of nature
  2. Use the gifts of nature more effectively
  3. Study the relationships within nature, and undertake research and development to make use of them well
Take action with people around the world
  1. Share this Declaration throughout the Asahi Group and put in efforts with our employees
  2. Make use of our products and services to clearly convey the importance of nature's gifts
  3. Take action globally and in cooperation with our business partners

*The “Declaration on Biodiversity” of the Asahi Group was formulated with reference to the Declaration on Biodiversity of the Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)

Activities for Biodiversity

Evaluation of Risks in Agricultural Raw Materials

Regarding its agricultural raw materials, the Asahi Group evaluates the environmental risks related to farm products and the places they come from. Three different impacts are evaluated: (1) the impact of climate change, (2) the impact on water resources (water risk survey), and (3) impact on biodiversity.

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Conservation of the Biodiversity of Asahi Forest

The Asahi Forest (Japanese Only) owned by Asahi Breweries, Ltd. encompasses more than 2,000 hectares and includes about a dozen large and small forests around Shobara City and Miyoshi City in Hiroshima. The Asahi Group has defined three principles with the goal of facilitating compliance with the Declaration on Biodiversity, and the ten activities of its Basic Principles for the Conservation of Biodiversity. The principles and activities are guidelines for the Asahi Group’s management of Asahi Forest. All of the mountains of Asahi Forest are designated by the Forest Act as headwaters conservation forests and some of the forests are designated as beech forest nature conservation areas, a part of the Kannosekyo Prefectural Nature Park, or other designation.

Prevention of Environmental Pollution

Reduction of Air Pollutants

The Asahi Group is working to reduce air pollutants of NOx (nitrogen oxides) and SOx (sulfur oxides).

Emissions of NOx and SOx

Unit: t

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
NOx 145 151 157 220 179
SOx 10 12 14 14 13

*Scope of aggregation: businesses in Japan (Click here for more information)

Management of Hazardous Chemical Substances

In addition to properly monitoring and managing the volume of substances that fall under the PRTR Law, the Asahi Group formulated the Standards for Handling Reagents and Standards for Handling Poisonous and Deleterious Substances to carefully control the receiving, use and disposal of reagents designated by the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act used to check the quality of our products.
No major leakage accidents of chemical substances occurred in FY2020.

Responding to Soil Contamination

The Asahi Group set up dikes surrounding all inlets and storage tanks for cleansing agents and other chemicals used during the manufacturing process at our breweries and factories to prevent soil contamination. To provide additional safeguard against any possible leakage of these liquids from tanks and other areas, the Asahi Group has established a system for ensuring the liquids are treated as wastewater by its in-house wastewater processing facility.
The Asahi Group conducts soil contamination research appropriately when it is necessary.