Environmental Achievements

Material Balance

Total Environmental Burden generated with Business Activities

The Asahi Group grasps the environmental burden that is generated as a result of its business activities and takes initiatives to reduce the environmental burden.

Material Balance (Domestic Asahi Group companies) Target period: 2018 January - December
Material Balance (Asahi Group) Target period: 2018 January - December
INPUT 2016 2017 2018
Category Item
Energy Fuel/Heat(GJ) 6,539,000 6,438,000 6,252,000
Electric Power(GJ) 3,467,000 3,486,000 3,319,000
Total(GJ) 10,006,000 9,924,000 9,571,000
Breakdown of
principal items
City Gas(m3) 111,633,000 109,909,000 106,508,000
Liquefied natural gas(LNG/tons) 9,584 9,530 9,570
A-grade heavy oil(KL) 7,795 8,904 8,431
Purchased electric power 355,716,000 357,553,000 340,526,000
Water Water(m3) 23,957,000 23,723,000 22,777,000
Ingredient beer-type beverages(tons) 343,000 338,000 283,000
soft frinks(tons) 241,000 237,000 264,000
Container and packaging materials beer-type beverages(tons) 302,000 325,000 297,000
soft frinks(tons) 187,000 187,000 143,000
OUTPUT 2016 2017 2018
Category Item
Greenhouse gases CO2(tons) 537000 528000 495000
Atomospheric emissions NOX(tons) 145 151 157
SOX(tons) 10 12 14
Volume of wastewater Volume of wastewater(m3) 16,912,000 16,779,000 16,615,000
By-Products and
waste materials
Generated volume(tons) 277000 307000 287000
Recycled volume(tons) 277000 307000 287000
Recycling rate(%) 100 100 100
CO2 absorption by forest Corporate-owned Asahi-Forest CO2absorption volume(tons) 12000 12000 12000

Environmental Accounting

Scope of aggregation: Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
Target period: 2016, 2017, 2018 (all from January 1 to December 31)

Environmental Preservation Cost 2016 2017 2018
Classification Content of major
Investment amount
(million yen)
Amount of cost
(million yen)
Investment amount
(million yen)
Amount of cost
(million yen)
Investment amount
(million yen)
Amount of cost
(million yen)
  1. Cost incurred by business areas
    (The environmental preservation cost to hold down the environmental burden
    that is generated within the area of businesses as a result of main business activities)
2,100 7,756 2,239 6,552 2,030 6,759
Breakdown (1) Pollution
prevention cost
Atmospheric pollution,
water quality pollution
prevention activity, maintenance and inspection of
pollution prevention equipment,
analysis and measurement of
atmosphere and water quality
846 3,151 653 2,474 577 2,796
(2) Global environment
preservation cost
Prevention of Ozone layer destruction
(elimination of CFC),
energy-saving activities
631 1,850 953 1,771 1,007 1,600
(3) Resource circulation cost Recycling of waste
generated at factories,
recycling promotion activity,
installation of waste processing
623 2,755 633 2,307 446 2,363
  1. Upstream and downstream cost
    (The environmental preservation cost to hold down the environmental burden that is generated upstream or downstream of the main business activities due to those activities)
Promotion and support of recycling activity
(e.g. commission fee for the reuse of containers and wrapping as products)
Green purchase, purchasing of green power
0 577 - 549 - 761
  1. Managing
    activity cost
    (The environmental preservation cost concerning management activities)
Maintenance of ISO 14001/EA21
Implementation of environmental audit,
implementation of environmental education
0 649 - 428 - 361
  1. Research and
    development cost
    (The environmental preservation cost within research and development activity)
Research and development in relation to the environment 73 280 32 177 47 249
  1. Social
    activity cost
    (The environmental preservation cost concerning social activities)
Environmental beautification activities,
pollution charges,operational cost of Asahi Forest,
donation to and advertisement of environmental protection organizations, etc.
1 324 - 220 - 224
  1. Environmental
    damage cost
    (Cost in response to environmental damage)
0 0 - - - -
Total value 2,174 9,586 2,271 7,926 2,077 8,353
Economic Effect as a Result of Measures Taken for Environmental Preservation 2016 2017 2018
Content of effect Amount
(million yen)
(million yen)
(million yen)
Total amount of sales of valuable items due to recycling of waste 287 291 279
Amount of expenditure reduction due to energy saving policies 196 104 142

Environmental Audits

The Asahi Group has external environmental audits conducted by external certification bodies based on ISO 14001 or the Eco Action 21 environmental management system. Internal environmental audits by internal audit teams are also conducted periodically in the individual business units in Japan.
Aside from these audits, audit divisions of head offices in the Asahi Group companies periodically conduct head office internal audits to ensure the validity of environmental activities in our business locations.

Head Office Audits (2018)

Audit Scope (Domestic)
Group CompaniesAsahi Breweries, Ltd.
Sainte Neige Wine Co., Ltd.
Asahi Draft Marketing Co., Ltd.
Nadaman Co., Ltd.
Enoteca Co., Ltd.
Asahi Food Create, Ltd.
Tokyo Sumidagawa Brewing Co., Ltd.
Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
Calpis Co., Ltd.
Asahi Soft Drinks Sales Co., Ltd.
Michinoku, Ltd.
Asahi Midori Sales Co., Ltd.
Asahi Orion Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.
Asahi Group Foods, Ltd.
Nippon Freeze Drying Co., Ltd.
Wako Food Industry Co., Ltd.
Asahi Logi Ltd.
AB Cargo East Japan
AB Cargo West Japan
Audit Results (Environmental Management)
Follow-through requiring more than improvement46 cases
Major follow-through issuesImproper waste-related (contracts, manifests etc.) management methods: 30 cases
Flaw in the procedure for management of environmental facility (including wastewater processing): 2 cases
Flaw in Freon-related control procedures: 6 cases
Other improper environmental law-related response/management: 8 cases

Occurrence of large-scale accidents

At Asahi Group, there were no occurrences of large-scale accidents concerning the environment in fiscal 2018.
No official complaints related to the environment have been received through contact points etc. at the Asahi Group.

  • Number of large-scale accidents: 0

Environmental Awards and Certifications

Over the years, the Asahi Group has received various environment-related awards and certifications.

Asahi Group highly regarded in a survey conducted by CDP

A survey conducted by CDP, an international non-profit organization, included Asahi Group Holdings in its A-list, the highest rating, in two different areas including “climate change” and “water security.” This inclusion is a result of the evaluation of our achievements, such as setting Asahi Carbon Zero (a new target against climate change), efforts to reduce greenhouse gases through the utilization of green power, energy saving and other means, and third-party verification of data.


Selected as an index component of DJSI for the 11th consecutive year

In 2018, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. was selected as an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index, one of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). The DJSI is a global social responsibility index (SRI). This is the 11th consecutive year since 2008 that Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. has been selected as an index component of the DJSI Asia/Pacific.
A total of 150 companies (including 75 Japanese companies) from the Asia/Pacific region as the target area were selected as components of the DJSI Asia/Pacific. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. was the only company from the beverages sector to be selected.

Selected as a component member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the ninth consecutive year
Company Organizing Body Date Details
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. CDP January 2019 Included in the A-list after a CDP survey for the results on “climate change” and “water security” (Japanese only)
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. Nikkei Inc. December 2018 Won the 2018 Nikkei Global Environmental Technology Award of Excellence for the development of power generation technologies using a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and wastewater from breweries
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. S&P DJI RobecoSAM September 2018 Selected for the eleventh consecutive year as a component member of the DJSI, a social responsibility index (Japanese only)
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. FTSE Russell
July 2018 Selected as a component in the FTSE4Good Index Series, a representative index of ESG investment, and the FTSE Blossom Japan Index, an ESG index adopted by GPIF (Japanese only)
Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) January 2018 Top rank in DBJ Environmental Ranking