Providing Environmentally and Socially Responsible Products


Providing Environmentally and Socially Responsible Products is essential for the continuation of sustainable business. In each of its businesses, the Asahi Group strives to save resources, use lightweight products, and improve recyclability from the viewpoint of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) for containers and packaging materials, including PET bottles, glass bottles, caps, labels, and cardboard. We also promote initiatives for reducing the environmental impact by using renewable energy and committing ourselves to developing products by taking advantage of our proprietary technologies.
In addition, the Asahi Group handles products intended for consumers of all ages, from babies to senior citizens. We will contribute to enriching people's lives by providing products that can be used by everyone, including children, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

Management System


Main Results for FY2017

Going Forward

We are currently facing diverse problems that have an impact on the environment and society, including ocean plastic pollution and microplastics. At the Asahi Group, we will work to reduce the environmental impact further by taking initiatives including the use of even lighter, more simple containers and the development of containers made from recycled materials, those made from plastic alternatives, and next-generation containers.