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Circular Economy


Together with the global population increase and economic growth, an economic structure based on mass production and mass consumption has led to the accelerated consumption of resources. If things continue in their current state, the use of resources will plunge into a state of crisis, with depletion of resources and environmental pollution occurring due to an increase in the volume of waste being produced. For this reason, making effective use of resources and reducing the amount of waste being generated are pressing issues in all sectors of industry.

The Asahi Group generates various types of waste and by-products in its product manufacturing processes and believes that the efficient use of resources and the reduction of waste are important issues. For this reason, the Asahi Group is working to help develop a circular economy, a society where the consumption of natural resources is controlled and environmental burdens are mitigated to the greatest possible degree.

Management System


The Asahi Group leverages its accumulated technologies and knowledge to study new uses for by-products. It will commercially expand its activities for the creation of environmental value that maximizes the Asahi Group's unique strengths. The Group also encourages the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) for waste to facilitate activities preventing pollution in pursuit of a circular economy.
In Japan,* the Asahi Group already recycles 100% of by-products and waste. This will be expanded to our overseas manufacturing bases with the goal of recycling 100% of the by-products and waste generated by the entire Asahi Group.

*Manufacturing bases in Japan and the building of the Asahi Group Holdings headquarters.


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