Circulating Resources and Preventing Pollution


Together with the growth in global population and economic growth, an economic structure based on mass production and mass consumption has led to the continued acceleration of resource consumption. If this continues, resource utilization will plunge into a state of crisis such as the depletion of resources, and environmental pollution due to an increase in waste products. The effective use of resources and reducing the amount of waste products being generated is a pressing issue for all sectors.
In the production process of beer and other products, the Asahi Group also generates various types of waste and by-products. The Asahi Group will contribute to building a recycling-based society by continuing to promote the 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) for waste products and advancing initiatives for preventing pollution.

Management System


Main Results for FY2018

Going Forward

The Asahi Group has achieved 100% waste recycling at domestic plants and the Head Office building. In the future, we will expand the scope of this activity to include overseas plants and offices, aiming for 100% waste recycling across the entire group.
Further, we will contribute to building a recycling-based society by taking initiatives for reducing the environmental impact. These initiatives include those for reducing the amount of waste products generated, such as restricting the consumption of resources and promoting their recycling.

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