Promoting Sustainable Water Resources


Water resource problems have arisen on a global scale, due in part to the global population growth, the economic growth of developing countries, and climate change. Global water demand has been growing year by year, and it is likely that people will live with water shortages in more areas in the future.
Water is an essential resource for the business activities of the Asahi Group. Accordingly, the Asahi Group has set protecting sustainable water resources as one of its priority tasks. In addition to striving to improve the efficiency of water use in all of our sites that use water, we handle and manage our water intake and wastewater appropriately to reduce their environmental impact. At the same time, we are promoting water usage management across the entire supply chain through our business activities and engage proactively in activities to conserve the forests in which water is nurtured.

Management System


Main Results for FY2018

Going Forward

The Asahi Group recognizes that protecting water resources is essential for the continuation of a business. Accordingly, we will remain proactive in preserving water resources and taking similar initiatives, not to mention ensuring the proper management of the water we use, such as improving water consumption efficiency.

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