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Sustainable Water Resources


Water resource problems have arisen on a global scale, due in part to the global population growth, the economic growth of developing countries, and climate change. Global demand for water is increasing every year. Water shortages may occur in more countries and regions.

Water is an indispensable and valuable resource for the Asahi Group as it enjoys “the blessings of nature” in its business operations. Water is also an important part of the global environment. For this reason, the Asahi Group continues working to reduce water consumption at its factories to facilitate the sustainable utilization of water resources. Further, in its activities, the Asahi Group works to identify and respond to water risks and achieve water neutrality, where the amount of water used in its Japanese beer breweries can be replaced and stored in the Asahi Forest (Japanese Only).

Through the sustainable utilization of water resources, the Asahi Group will continue to pursue the achievement of zero environmental burden created by its business activities (neutrality) and the preservation of the valuable blessings of nature for future generations.

Management System


The Asahi Group aims to ensure that all facilities of its major companies only use sustainable water resources.
To this end, the Asahi Group set a water consumption rate reduction target for the alcoholic beverage and soft drink factories of the major companies of the Group. Forty eight production sites run by the applicable operating companies have drawn up water management plans and are striving to reduce water use. The Asahi Group conducts water risk surveys to identify and respond to risks, and also expand the area of Asahi Forest it administers in pursuit of water neutrality at its beer factories in Japan.

Three Targets for the Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources
Groupwide Targets for Water Resources Achieve a basic unit of water consumption of 3.2 ㎥/kl or less by 2030*1
Assessment and Elimination of Water Risks Regular implementation of a water risk survey to ensure the sustainability of our water resources (Survey frequency: Once every five years)
Realization of Water Neutrality Leverage Asahi Forest to realize water neutrality at beer factories in Japan by 2025*2

*1 Target companies: Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd., Asahi Europe & International Ltd, Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, and Asahi Holdings Southeast Asia Sdn. Bhd.
*2 Water consumption at the beer factories in Japan will be streamlined and reduced, and the amount of water replaced and stored through the preservation of Asahi Forest, the Group-owned forest in Hiroshima, will be increased so that water consumption will equal the amount of water replaced and stored in Asahi Forest by 2025 (Target for the expansion of Asahi Forest: 365 hectares by 2025).


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