Food and Health

Key Themes

We will fulfill our social responsibility through our business and will take initiatives for the realization of a society that is healthy and abundant.

Why this Issue is Important

The Asahi Group has maintained a corporate philosophy of “contributing to the promotion of healthy living and the enrichment of society worldwide.”
We have established “Food and Health” as an area for activities that embody the stance of our corporate philosophy. “Food and Health” describes the business of the Asahi Group, and is a field that stakeholders including mainly consumers are highly interested in.
We perceive “Food and Health” to be a key area of activity, and in conjunction with our voluntary yet active fulfillment of our responsibilities within the business activities, we will take initiatives for creating new social value.

Social issues that we are aware of:

  • The spread of unhealthy dietary habits
  • Alcohol-related problems such as underage drinking
  • Contamination of food by foreign objects in the manufacturing process
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