Education on Moderate and Responsible Drinking

Our Response to Alcohol-related Problems

The Asahi Group engages in activities aimed at ensuring that as many people as possible will have appropriate relationships with alcoholic beverages.

Disclosure of Research Findings on Alcohol

The Asahi Group conducts research on alcohol metabolism and its physiological impacts, aiming to prevent social and health problems caused by drinking and build a better drinking culture. We are proactive in disclosing these research findings externally to make our efforts widely known among our stakeholders and receive the understanding and opinions of researchers specializing in physiological and medical research on alcohol.

We will continue to analyze in detail how the individual constitution and conditions of alcohol intake affect alcohol metabolism and the change in physiology, and we will edify our customers on moderate and responsible drinking based on those findings.

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Initiatives for Education and Public Awareness of Moderate and Responsible Drinking

To encourage moderate and responsible drinking in society and among consumers, the Asahi Group is working on education and public awareness activities to increase knowledge about drinking and to help prevent and reduce alcohol-related issues such as drink driving, drinking under the legal drinking age (drinking under the age of 20 in Japan), drinking during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and binge drinking.
Under the “Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles,” each Group company works to develop these activities and initiatives effectively and glocally to embody the Principles in conformity with the legal systems, culture, and customs in each country and region.

“Towards a Good Relationship with Alcohol,” a Special Website (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. manages the website “Towards a Good Relationship with Alcohol” that can be accessed by all people who are familiar with alcohol, starting from under-aged (less than 20 years of age) who have yet to develop a taste for drinking to the elderly who are well-versed in it. By blending in text and illustrations from research case studies that are based on specific data, we oppose dangerous drinking patterns, and point out healthy ways to enjoy alcohol in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Educational Tool for Primary School Students – “What would you do? What could happen? – Learn about alcoholic beverages.” (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

As a part of its educational activities to prevent under-aged drinking (less than 20 years of age), Asahi Breweries, Ltd. developed in July 2007 an educational tool for primary school students entitled, “What would you do? What could happen?–Learn about alcoholic beverages.” It is distributed without charge to anyone who requests it. This four-page handy brochure can be used to supplement classroom material or school educational activities.
The brochure was extensively revised in November 2017 to improve clarity and to create a more family-oriented tool with additional content for parents and guardians. As of the end of December 2017, 761,000the brochures hasve been distributed to 121,000 primary, junior high and senior high schools throughout the country.
In March 2008, the tool won the Outstanding Performance Award in the Printed Material Division of the 6th Consumer Education Material Recognition sponsored by Supporters for Consumers. In 2009, this tool received the Special Prize after being selected out of the 2008 Outstanding Performance Award winners.

Circulation Of The Tool
2016 2017 2018
32,294 72,264 40,124
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Initiatives Coordinated with “Alcohol-related Problem Awareness-raising Week” (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

The Asahi Group perceives “Alcohol-related Problem Awareness-raising Week,” which is based on the Basic Act on Measures Against Alcohol-Related Health Harm enacted in 2014, as an opportunity to consider attitudes and actions for promoting responsible alcohol consumption amongst all of its employees. During this Week, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. implements an e-learning program that is designed to encourage responsible drinking habits among employees.

Responsible Marketing Activities

Third-party monitoring

In Japan, a third-party organization, the Alcohol Advertising Review Committee , regularly monitors domestic alcohol advertising.
In addition, Asahi Breweries Europe has introduced a system in which an advertising review committee headed by an external chairperson monitors for violations. This committee submits an annual report at the end of each year. According to the latest report, there were zero violations in 2018.

Developing Voluntary Standards and Policies

The Asahi Group has directed its marketing activities to encourage moderate and responsible drinking and to reduce harmful drinking. Based on the “Asahi Group Responsible Drinking Principles,” each Group company develops a policy and voluntary standards in conformity with the legal systems, culture and customs in its respective region and country and develops responsible marketing activities glocally.

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Cooperation with Other Alcohol Businesses and Alcohol Industry Organizations

Cooperation with International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD)

The Asahi Group has long recognized the necessity of taking initiatives from a global perspective instead of domestic viewpoints alone. In 2001, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. joined the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP), an international NPO, and has since been striving to solve alcohol-related problems by proposing policies and taking other measures in cooperation with other alcohol businesses and alcohol industry organizations.

In January 2015, ICAP integrated with the Global Alcohol Producers Group, which was established in 2005 to create opportunities for dialogue between major worldwide leading alcohol producers and alcohol production unions with the World Health Organization (WHO) to newly create the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD). The IARD is involved in projects mainly concerned with appropriate drinking awareness activities, research regarding alcohol measures in different countries, the publishing industry and organizing forums.

As one of the 11 global alcohol beverage producers that are members of the IARD, the Asahi Group is a signatory to the IARD Producers’ Commitments and is undertaking measures to meet those commitments.

IARD Producers’ Commitment

1. Reducing underage drinking
2. Reducing drinking and driving
3. Strengthening and expanding marketing codes of practice
4. Providing consumer information and responsible product innovation
5. Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking

In September 2018, IARD issued a report on initiatives related to prevention of harmful drinking and strengthening of voluntary industry standards. The report introduces Asahi Breweries's educational activities to raise awareness about the harms of under-aged drinking (less than 20 years of age) and Asahi Breweries Europe's initiatives to promote alcohol-free pregnancies. The marketing policies of Asahi Europe and Asahi Breweries Europe are also covered.

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Cooperation with the Brewers Association of Japan in Japan (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

The beer industry launched a campaign called “STOP! Under-Aged Drinking (less than 20 years of age) Project” in 2005 as an initiative for preventing under-aged drinking (less than 20 years of age). Five major domestic beer manufacturers are promoting this cause in step with each other.

Logo of “STOP! Under-Aged Drinking (less than 20 years of age)”

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Reinforcing Measures to Raise Employees' Awareness

Asahi Group communicates widely to large numbers of people about the importance of responsible drinking, and we are pursuing initiatives aimed at raising our employees’ own awareness of the importance of responsible drinking in their daily lives.

e-Learning Regarding Alcohol (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

In 2016, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., launched an “e-Learning about Alcohol” program targeting all Asahi Breweries employees. In 2018 the program was expanded to cover a total of 11 subsidiaries of Asahi Breweries, Ltd.

In addition, all new Asahi Breweries, Ltd. employees who enter the company straight after graduating from university attend group training sessions on responsible drinking. These seminars include lectures on how new employees fresh out of university should approach alcohol, an introduction to the efforts of Asahi Breweries to encourage responsible drinking among the general public, and provision of information that they require as employees of a manufacturer of alcohol beverages. In 2018, 93 new employees attended these lectures.

e-Learning Regarding Alcohol (Asahi Breweries Europe)

Asahi Breweries Europe conducts e-learning courses on responsible drinking every year for all employees. In fiscal 2017, 86% of its employees participated in the courses.
In addition, seminars on responsible drinking are provided to all newly hired employees.