Reduction Measures

Proper Inventory Management Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Asahi Group believe that we can also contribute to reducing food loss through proper inventory management. With the aim of promoting optimized production plans and inventory management, Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. worked with IBM Japan from 2019 to launch test operations for production adjustment by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI).
A verification test was conducted in September 2018 on the mechanism that uses AI to give advice for production adjustment regarding the production plan about two weeks ahead. It was confirmed that compared with the judgement made by people in the past, accuracy was improved. As a result, it is possible to find the possibility of cost reduction around 200 million yen due to reduction in the long-term inventory products.
We create a unique corpus* based on enormous system data such as past business documents, inventory performance and shipping quantity, and make AI learn, so that we can offer the best advice for the plan created by those in charge of production adjustment.
* Corpus: Records on decision making by those in charge of the production adjustment based on enormous past data regarding production adjustment.

Production Adjustment Process Utilizing AI
Production Adjustment Process Utilizing AI

Participation in Japan TCGF

Japan TCGF was established in August 2011, mainly by companies from the consumer goods distribution industry. The Asahi Group participates in Japan TCGF, acting to solve common issues in noncompetitive fields in Japan. The Sustainability Project Committee of this organization aims to sort out and solve environmental issues (such as the prevention of global warming and waste reduction) in the value chain of manufacturing, distribution, and sales.

Replacement of Use by Labels with Labels Showing Year and Month Only

We are replacing Use By labels showing the year, month, and date with labels indicating the year and month only as an initiative for reducing food wastage. Asahi Soft Drinks Co.,Ltd. is replacing in accordance with the guidelines of the Japan Soft Drink Association.

Replacement of Use by Labels
Month and year Group company Product
May 2013 Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Asahi Oishii Mizu Fujisan, Asahi Oishii Mizu Rokko (PET 2 L)
December 2015 Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Monster (cans and bottles)
April 2017 Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Asahi Oishii Mizu Fujisan, Asahi Oishii Mizu Rokko (PET 600 mL)
All Asahi Oishii Mizu Fujisan no Vanadium Tennensui products
September 2017 Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. WONDA, Mitsuya Cider, and others (All products whose shelf life is 12 months or longer)
April 2018 Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. All products that will expire in 12 or more months; cans and PET bottles that will expire in 8 or more months, centering around tea and fruit juice drinks such as Jurokucha, Rokujo Mugicha and Bireley's
September 2018 Asahi Group Foods, Ltd. Amano Foods brand products (excluding wholesale products for business-use) and the “Odoroki Yasai” and “Odoroki Men(noodles) 0” series products
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