Compliance with Laws and Regulations
Related to Labeling and Adherence to Standards

Our Basic Policy on Product Labeling and Advertising

At the Asahi Group, with regard to the labeling on product packaging and advertising activities, we are striving for labels and expressions that are trusted by customers. As such, starting with our compliance with the related laws and regulations*, we pay heed to alcohol-related issues such as drinking by under-aged (less than 20 years of age) as well as to safety, human rights issues, environmental issues, and social ethics. We pay great attention to appropriate labeling and expressions.

*In addition to Food Sanitation Act, The Food Labeling Act (including “Food Labeling Standards” defined by this law), Health Promotion Act, Act for Standardization and Proper Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products, Liquor Tax Act, Act Concerning Liquor Business Associations, Antimonopoly Act, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, fair competition code, etc.

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Examination of Labeling and Expressions

At the Asahi Group, we have established a body for the screening and examination of labeling and expressions used on sales promotional materials for products and giveaways, and advertising material from multiple perspectives. Screening involves the investigation of the appropriateness of labeling and expressions from diverse viewpoints including individual laws and regulations, safety, social responsibility, alcohol-related issues, environmental issues and discrimination problems. Potential risks and problems are detected and advice is given in the form of proposals for improvement, and only products and advertising materials that have been screened are released on the market.
When an instruction has been given, all screening records are recorded in the minutes including a report of response measures by the relevant section and the results are utilized in daily activities.
Employees involved in the screening and examination of labeling and expressions attend training sessions to communicate the important information that all staff involved in these processes should be aware of, including information on recent legal revisions related to product labelling and advertising self-regulations.

Asahi Breweries Europe has established an “ABE Group Policy on Commercial Communication” and conducts reviews of all commercial communication including labeling and packaging from the perspective of ensuring compliance with relevant lows, regulations and self-regulations pertaining to alcohol beverages. The policy stipulates the composition of the Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee , review procedures, and training for relevant employees.

Initiatives implemented by Group companies:
Meetings of the Labeling and Expression Review Examination Board (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Number of Meetings 50 49 48 48 49
Number of Draft Proposals 2,429 2,614 2,858 3,058 2,786
Issues requiring further reporting 298 315 341 351 311

Labeling and Advertising Efforts

Examples of legally required and/or voluntary labeling and expressions on product packages (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)
Topic Content
Recycling Mark Recycling mark indicates that packaging material can be recycled and encourages active support for reuse and recycling.
Warning against drinking while pregnant, breastfeeding, or under-aged (less than 20 years of age) We display warnings against drinking by pregnant and breastfeeding women in addition to the expression, “You are not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages if you are under-aged (less than 20 years of age).”
Braille To assist visually challenged customers so that they do not accidentally drink alcoholic beverages without intending to, we have put the Braille for “alcohol” on the top of all canned alcoholic products.
“Alcohol” label shown on can packages “Alcohol” is displayed in large letters so that customers who are under-aged (less than 20 years of age) or those who cannot drink alcohol do not confuse these for soft drinks.

Our Response to Food Allergy

At the Asahi Group, we verify with the ingredient manufacturers and suppliers for any use of the seven specified ingredients subject to mandatory allergen labeling under the Food Labeling Standards as well as the 21 specified ingredients recommended for allergen labeling, and we strive for appropriate labeling. In September 2019, almonds were added to the list of ingredients recommended for allergen labeling, and we will begin indicating it as such as soon as preparations are complete.

  • Seven specified ingredients subject to mandatory allergen labeling: egg, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, and crab.
  • 21 specified ingredients recommended for allergen labeling: apple, orange, soy, sesame, etc.

In addition, at the Group Quality Conference, information on any move to review laws and regulations on allergen labeling will be shared with each Group company. Although allergen labeling is not required for alcohol, we strive for easy-to-understand labeling.

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Our Basic Policy on Genetic Modification

The Asahi Group complies with the national laws and regulations in all the countries and regions in which it operates regarding the use and labeling of genetically modified agricultural products and processed foods made from these.
We verify information on the genetic modification of agricultural raw materials and processed agricultural materials that are being considered for use. In addition, decisions about the use and labeling of products are made in accordance with each country’s laws and regulations regarding the use and labeling of genetically modified materials in foods.