Promotion of CSR Procurement

At the Asahi Group, we have established the CSR Principles for Asahi Group Suppliers based on the Asahi Group Basic Procurement Policies, and we request that our suppliers observe the principles. Under these principles, we will work with our suppliers to promote CSR procurement with environmental and social considerations.
To provide safe, secure products and services, the Asahi Group promotes CSR procurement in accordance with the following guidelines and laws, based on compliance with the Asahi Group Basic Procurement Policies and the CSR Principles for Asahi Group Suppliers.

Water Risk Survey

We carry out surveys to analyze water risk in the production processes of raw materials and assess the financial impact of the risk on the Group's businesses.

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Supplier CSR Survey

We conducted a Supplier CSR Survey to find out about the CSR initiatives taken by our suppliers and carried out initiatives to address the issues.

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Commitment to Sustainable Palm Oil

Asahi Group Holdings joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in December 2016.

Green Purchasing

At the Asahi Group, we purchase products and services with a minimal environmental impact in accordance with the following Green Purchasing Guidelines.

Green Purchasing Guidelines

1. Discard Eligible (Safety)

Does not use materials containing substances that may harm the human body, such as carcinogens or endocrine disrupters.

2. Discard Eligible (Easy to Dismantle)

Can be dismantled and sorted by hand without the aid of machine tools. Single-material products that require no dismantling or sorting.

3. Discard Eligible (Easy to Recycle Materials)

Uses materials with an established public recycling market, such as paper (newspaper, magazines, leaflets), cardboard, aluminum, steel and glass.

4. Effective Use of Resources

Reduces consumption of depletive resources through the use of recycled materials such as recycled paper and plastic, and proactively selects wood and papers that use sustainable natural resources appropriately. Thinks of using products authorized by reliable third parties as the appropriate use of resources.

5. Reduction of Solid Waste Volume

Year-on-year reduction in volume of waste generated by products and packaging materials by lowering the weight of materials as well as manufacturing volume.

6. Long-Life Design

Can be used repeatedly. Features ideas for enhancing durability for repeated use.

7. Information Display and Disclosure

Displays information such as environmental labeling, material composition and information on recycling and disposal.

Preventing abuse of superior bargaining position

In order not to take advantage of our superior position in business over others, the Asahi Group takes meticulous care not to unfairly act in a manner that corresponds to the items listed below in the context of normal business habits.

Article 2 Paragraph 9 Item v of the Antimonopoly Act

Causing the said party in regular transactions (including a party with whom one intends to have regular transaction newly; the same shall apply in (b) below) to purchase goods or services other than the one pertaining to the said transactions;
Causing the said party in regular transactions to provide for oneself money, services, or other economic benefits;
Refusing to receive goods pertaining to transactions from the said party, causing the said party to take back the goods pertaining to the transactions after receiving the said goods from the said party, delaying the payment of the transactions to the said party, or reducing the amount of the said payment, or otherwise establishing or changing trade terms or executing transactions in a way disadvantageous to the said party;

The Asahi Group is committed to full compliance with the Guidelines Concerning Abuse of Superior Bargaining Position under the Antimonopoly Act from the Japan Fair Trade Commission (updated June 16 2017).

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Procurement Clean Line System

The Procurement Clean Line System enables our suppliers and parties wishing to become our suppliers to report incidents where employees of the Asahi Group act in a manner contrary to the Asahi Group Basic Procurement Policies, or when they are involved in activities that appear not to comply with the law or social ethics. In 2017, no incidents were reported under this system.

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