Providing Health Value through Products

In response to increasing health awareness among consumers, the Asahi Group continues to deliver products that contribute to the resolution of health issues by leveraging strengths and know-how developed through its own business operations.

Products that Offer Health Value Utilizing Yeast and Lactic Acid Bacteria Research

The Asahi Group's various operating companies have accumulated extensive resources and knowledge since the time of their founding. Examples include yeasts and fermentation technologies that are needed for brewing beers, such as Asahi Super Dry, and our technical capabilities cultivated through research on lactic acid bacteria for Calpis. With consideration for customers' health needs, the Asahi Group provides products that seek to deliver health value, by utilizing its accumulated proprietary technologies relating to yeast, lactic acid bacteria and other areas.

Karada Calpis (Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.): useful in reducing body fat

Lactic acid bacteria have the potential to contribute to health in various forms. Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. has succeeded in the development of a product using the lactobacillus strain CP1563, which can be expected to help reduce body fat, for which there are strongly rooted needs in modern society. This product was launched in April 2017 as Karada Calpis. Through the Calpis brand, which has gained familiarity among customers over many years, we are proposing ways to enable consumers to improve their health casually on a daily basis.

Calpis-Derived Lactic Acid Bacteria Science series (Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.): utilizing the action of lactic acid bacteria

Mamoru Hataraku Nyusankin / Todoku Tsuyosa no Nyusankin W (W is read as “double”) (Foods with Function Claims) / Ameal Yasashi Hakkonyu Shitate (Foods with Function Claims)

The Calpis-Derived Lactic Acid Bacteria Science series utilizes lactic acid bacteria and ingredients derived from them—borne out of many years of research derived from the Calpis brand—to deliver a reliable sense of health and trustworthy deliciousness.
Mamoru Hataraku Nyusankin was launched in 2013 as a drink that is useful for health management for customers who want to grow stronger from the inside.

Asahi Jurokucha Plus — 3 Benefits (Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd.): works on visceral fat and reduces fat and sugar after meals

Asahi Jurokucha Plus — 3 Benefits is classified as a Food with Functional Claims. It contains Jurokucha, which is a well-balanced blend of 16 healthy ingredients based on Eastern health principles, also blended with isoflavone derived from the East Asian arrowroot, and digestion-resistant dextrin. The action of arrowroot-derived isoflavone helps to reduce visceral fat, while digestion-resistant dextrin limits the body's absorption of fats and carbohydrate consumed while eating. Asahi Jurokucha Plus — 3 Benefits offers casual support for daily health needs.

Products with Reduced Sugar Content

While poverty continues to become a global social issue, the numbers of people suffering from obesity and illnesses such as diabetes are also increasing. The World Health Organization (WHO) views this issue seriously, and since 2016 has been calling for various countries to reduce consumption of sugar such as through taxation on drinks containing added sugar.
In consideration of growing health awareness and the needs of its customers, the Asahi Group's beverage business in Asia, Oceania and elsewhere are advancing the expansion of their non-sugar and low sugar product lineups to match the situations and needs of customers in each area.

Asahi Beverages Initiatives

Based on its commitments as a member of the Australian Beverages Council industry body, Asahi Beverages has set the goal of reducing 20% of the sugar used in its soft drinks by 2025 compared to 2015. As one step towards achieving this goal, the company has reduced the amount of sugar used in Schweppes brand beverages by 24% by reducing the amount of sugar per 100ml of Schweppes flavored mineral water—one of its mainstay brands in the soft drinks category—to between 3.4 and 3.8g. Moving forward, Asahi Beverages will continue to cater to the needs of consumers by expanding its product lineup in the zero sugar and low sugar drinks categories.

Contribution to Healthy Lifestyle Habits among Elementary School Students through Malaysian Dairy Product Business

In 2014, we acquired a dairy product business in Malaysia to develop alongside our existing soft drinks business in this country. This business brought with it Goodday, a milk brand with a history spanning more than half a century. This brand is central to our efforts to strengthen operating foundations in this business. Through such efforts, the Asahi Group has succeeded in developing its position as the No. 1 fresh milk brand in Malaysia by expanding its lineup beyond just plain milk to also include chocolate, strawberry, green tea, and other fl avored milk. As we develop these operations, we have also been utilizing the power of the Goodday brand to help foster health awareness, primarily among elementary schools, through means such as encouraging habitual milk consumption. As part of these activities, we hold events through collaboration with Malaysia’s most-read educational magazine in which we seek to help encourage children to adopt healthy diets by explaining how milk is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and other nutrients that are vital to growing children. The Asahi Group will continue building upon the brand equity of Goodday as it engages in proactive initiatives for promoting health improvement, an issue that is garnering social attention.

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