Response to Radioactive Substances

The Asahi Group’s Response to Radioactive Substances

To consistently provide safe and secure, as well as high-quality products to customers, the Asahi Group continues to take initiatives to strengthen the quality assurance system that encompasses all processes ranging from product development, procurement of raw materials, manufacturing, and shipping, to distribution.

After the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Asahi Group immediately established an inspection system for radioactive substances while determining that an initiative that is continuous and reliable over a long period is needed. As a result, we are continuing to strive to secure safety by incorporating measures of control over radioactive substances in the quality assurance system of each Group company that is based on the Group Quality Policy. The Asahi Group is taking the following initiatives, and is equipped with a structure that corresponds to the new standard values of radioactive substances contained in food that were implemented in April of 2012.

Our Basic Policy

  1. Based on the standard and directives promulgated by the national government and related agencies, we will establish control standards for each process stage starting from the procurement of raw materials to manufacturing in order for all Group products to conform to the abovementioned criteria, and will adhere to them.
  2. For the water, environment, and raw materials used for manufacturing, we will verify their safety by quickly ascertaining the information concerning the status of governmental monitoring of the radioactive substances and the analysis results from the suppliers.
  3. In conjunction, we will conduct voluntary inspections on a periodic basis, and our verification process for safety will be thoroughly followed through.
  4. If there is any deviation from the control standards or in the case of any suspicion thereof, the process will be suspended immediately, and the cause will be determined while we take steps for countermeasures.
  5. We will periodically test the effectiveness of the quality assurance system, and continue to make improvements.
  6. We will strive for the spreading of appropriate information that is appropriate to social responsibility.

On the Inspection System for Radioactive Substances

  1. The Group is equipped with five germanium semiconductor detectors that can make detailed analysis of radioactive substances. Furthermore, we arrange scintillation spectrometers and survey meters as we think it is fit, and implement voluntary inspection.
  2. Target of analysis
    We set the frequency of monitoring on raw materials, water used, products, and materials such as containers as well as on the environment depending on the characteristics of the products and the location of factories.
  3. Method of analysis
    Our analysis conforms to the notice “On the Testing Method for Radioactive Substances in Food,” which was issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

We continue to abide by the guidance of the national government and local governments while paying attention to the various pieces of information on radioactive substances and keep striving to strengthen our quality assurance system.

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