Create Health Value


The Asahi Group aims to contribute to people's health through its products and services by utilizing knowledge and technologies accumulated so far in its history. In addition to increasing added value by leveraging our specialist knowledge of lactic acid bacteria and microorganisms, we are also working to deliver health-conscious products and services, such as by reducing the sugar content of our products. Through such efforts, the Asahi Group will contribute to making better nutrition more accessible.

Management System

Because our activities in this area are fulfilled through the actual business operations of our operating companies themselves, we have established a management system in which the relevant departments at each operating company collaborate with each one another.


Main Results for FY2019

Going Forward

We will continue working proactively to create health value through our business operations by clarifying product and service categories that contribute to people's health, while giving consideration to the distinctive characteristics of the product portfolios of each of the Group's operating companies.

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