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Secure Food Safety & Reliability


The Asahi Group believes that, as a company handling food, it bears the important mission of dedicating itself to the pursuit of food safety and security to ensure it is able to continue delivering “Excellence in quality.”

Based on the Asahi Group Quality Principles, the Asahi Group works throughout the entire process from product planning and development and the procurement of raw materials to production, logistics, sales and communication with customers to provide products and services exceeding the expectations of customers while ensuring their safety and security.

Management System

  • Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. promotes quality assurance activities across the entire Group. These activities include the proposal of group-wide quality assurance strategies as well as the development and sharing of related policies. The Group Quality Conference, which also plays the role of a sustainability task force, highlights the requirement that all Group companies thoroughly implement QA strategies and policies and shares knowledge and expertise about quality-related risks and corrective measures.
  • Group companies have established quality assurance systems that are appropriate for their respective business fields based on a shared view and in accordance with the Asahi Group Basic Quality Policy. They also reflect the opinions of customers in their quality assurance activities.
Group Quality Management System
Group Quality Management System


Through the intensification of its quality management system, the Asahi Group pursues the occurrence of zero quality accidents* in its quest to achieve “Excellence in quality,” which is referred to in the Asahi Group Philosophy as our offering of value.

*Quality accidents indicate the cases of product recalls made public through a newspaper announcement or on our website, on the grounds of a violation of the related regulations and voluntary rules specified in GRI Standards 416-2 and 417-2.


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