Securing Food Safety and Reliability


The Asahi Group pursues food safety and reliability and strives to create new value by providing products and services that exceed customer expectations in accordance with the Asahi Group Quality Principles and the Asahi Group Code of Conduct on Quality.

Management System

Quality Assurance System

  • Group companies have established quality assurance systems that are appropriate for their respective business fields based on a shared view and in accordance with the Asahi Group Basic Quality Policy. They also reflect the opinions of customers in their quality assurance activities.
  • Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. promotes quality assurance activities across the entire Group. These activities include the proposal of group-wide quality assurance strategies as well as the development and sharing of related policies. The company also monitors each Group company's quality control activities through quality audits and other measures.
Group Quality Assurance System
Group Quality Assurance System
Examples of quality assurance initiatives at group companies


  • Eliminate deficit accidents by improving the Group's quality-assurance system
  • Develop quality-assurance technologies by introducing advanced technologies

Main Results for FY2017

  • Continued to hold the Group Quality Conference
  • Monitored quality control activities and supported quality improvements through quality audits in Japan and overseas

Going Forward

We will strengthen the Group's structure by reducing risks further through initiatives including collaborations with external partners with information technologies while enhancing our accumulated analytical technologies and ensuring prompt responses. The Asahi Group will seek to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations by ensuring safety and reliability throughout all the processes from research and development to procurement, production, distribution, and sales.

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