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Appropriate Response and Support to Consumers


At the Asahi Group, we position the voices of our customers or outlets as one of our assets that elevate the quality of our management. Furthermore, we develop and improve our products and services while seeking to grasp each and every one of the issues through active dialogue with our customers. Through such efforts, we continuously improve our customer satisfaction while we utilize their voices in our management policies and the formulation of activity principles.
The very section that plays a central role in the dialogue with our customers is the Customer Service Office*. The Office's basic stance is to approach the customer who has made contact with a sense of gratitude, and we strive to respond in a timely, accurate, and courteous manner by standing in their shoes for every inquiry that has been sent.

* Customer Service Offices are available at key Asahi Group companies including Asahi Breweries, Asahi Soft Drinks and Asahi Group Foods.

Consumer Orientation Declaration

The Asahi Group has stated that the initiative policy of Asahi Group Holdings will be a “Consumer Orientation Declaration” made with the aim of realizing consumer-oriented management.

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Management System for Our Customers

System for Collecting Customer Feedback and Incorporating It into Our Business Activities

Customer Relations Offices at Asahi Group companies strive to consider each comment promptly, accurately and respectfully. All customer inquiries, including comments and opinions, requests and problems, are entered into an in-house database and utilized in developing products and services as well as in formulating policies for our management and activities.

Examples of Improving Our Products and Services with the Voices of Customers of Group Companies

System for Management to Monitor the Voices of Our Customers

At Asahi Breweries, Ltd., the voices of our customers are regularly summarized in reports for management and incorporated into our business activities.

Flow of Response to Reported Problems (Example of operating companies in Japan)
Flow of Response to Reported Problems (Example of operating companies in Japan)