CSR Management

The Asahi Group's CSR

The Asahi Group carries out CSR activities based on the Asahi Group Philosophy and the Asahi Group Code of Conduct.
Specifically, the following ideas shown in Our Principles of the Asahi Group Philosophy are the guidelines for our CSR activities.

Our Principles

Building value together with all our stakeholders

  • Customers: Win customer satisfaction with products and services that exceed expectations
  • Employees: Foster a corporate culture that promotes individual and company growth
  • Society: Contribute to a sustainable society through our business
  • Partners: Build relationships that promote mutual growth
  • Shareholders: Increase our share value through sustainable profit growth and shareholder returns

Mid-Term Management Policy and CSR

With the establishment of the Asahi Group Philosophy, we have decided to update the contents of the Medium-Term Management Policy, under which we have been working since 2016, aiming for growth into the next stage.

In the Medium-Term Management Policy that was updated in 2019, the reinforcement of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives remains one of the key priorities.

In the aspect of the environment (“E” of ESG), we will set an Environmental Vision 2050 and create value by taking advantage of the Asahi Group's strengths with the aim of improving sustainability. With regard to “S,” we will focus our efforts on building a human rights management system while also promoting glocal talent management and diversity. As initiatives for “G,” we will strengthen risk management and governance reforms that will support our growth. By committing ourselves to these ESG initiatives, we will promote glocal value creation management based on the Asahi Group Philosophy.

We will continue to aim for the sustainable improvement of our corporate value by factoring ESG into our business strategies themselves.

CSR Implementation Structure

Structure of Group-wide CSR Promotion System

At the Asahi Group, the Director in charge of CSR for Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. is responsible for the promotion of CSR within the Group. Immediately below the Director is the Corporate Social Responsibility Section, which conducts CSR management for the entire Group. In addition, the Group CSR Promotion Council provides a cross-divisional structure for CSR promotion within the Group.
The Group CSR Promotion Council determine directionality for CSR measures, confirm progress, review the integrated report, and share CSR-related information. Decisions are submitted as appropriate to the Corporate Strategy Board of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. for management to commit to these decisions.

Structure of Group-wide CSR Promotion System
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