People and Society

Key Themes

The Asahi Group is engaged in various activities to support the creation of an affluent society where people lead healthy and culturally-enriching lives.

Why These Topics are Important

We have set “people and society” as an action area for the creation of a flourishing society.

The Asahi Group believes that an affluent society is not limited to the well-being of our mind and body, but rather, it is defined by a healthy environment and the possibility to lead a comfortable life. With this belief, we are engaged in various activities for its realization.

Social issues that we are aware of:

  • Development of a social environment that is accepting of diversity
  • Consideration for the socially disadvantaged (seniors, pregnant women and nursing mothers, babies and infants, etc.)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Appropriate management and preservation of water resources
  • Environmental, human rights, and other issues in supply chains, etc.