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Human Resources Development

Human Resources Development of the Asahi Group

In addition to selective training programs for both japan and international employees, the Asahi Group provides training programs by role, position and division at each of the Asahi Group companies.Since 2020, we have been running a programme called LEAD which is for the development of future management candidates at all levels, with the aim of systematically training talented people from an early stage who will be able to keep on winning against the global competition in the VUCA era.

Training Programs of the Asahi Group


Hours of Training Provided and Number of Participants
Program 2020
Participants Cumulative hours
New employee induction 240 5,400
Business skill improvement training New for 2021. Disclosure planned following program implementation.
Newly appointed Officer training New for 2021. Disclosure planned following program implementation.
Career development seminar for 30s 44 154
Career development seminar for 40s 15 53
Career development seminar for 50s 31 124
Newly appointed line manager training 49 1,032
LEAD Start 34 765
LEAD Emerging 25 2,250
LEAD Advanced 23 2,415
LEAD Executive 14 1,050
Global Challengers Program 2 5,445
Global Leadership Development Program:Advanced Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19
Global Leadership Development Program:Executive Postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19
Total 477 18,688
Average Cost of Training (Average per Employee, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)
2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Average cost of training per employee (approximate hours/month) ¥52,000 ¥71,000 ¥69,000 ¥52,000 ¥39,000

*Scope of aggregation: Up to 2019, the figure included only Asahi Breweries, Ltd. From 2020, the figure includes the figures from major group companies.*
*Major group companies* (Click here for more information)

Career Development Support Program

The Asahi Group supports its employees independently building their careers.

Career Design E-learning

Major Asahi Group companies* began Career Design E-learning programs in 2020. The goal of the training programs is to encourage employees to learn the concept of career design and independently build their careers. (In 2020, 991 employees participated.)

E-learning Program for Supervisors to Improve their Career Interviews

In 2020, major group companies* launched an e-learning program for supervisors who conduct career interviews. The goal of this program is to improve supervisors' interview skills. (In 2020, 176 employees participated.)

Web Career Design Seminar

To deepen employees' learning from e-learning programs, major group companies* launched career design seminars for employees in their 30s, 40s and 50s. From 2020, it has been made available online to enable teleworkers to participate. (In 2020, 92 employees participated.)

Online Career Interview

Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. established Career Support Group within its Human Resources Department and online career interviews by nationally qualified career consultants are provided at our major group companies.* (In 2020, 90 employees participated.)

Training Program

For Executive and Managerial Personnel

Newly Appointed Group Line Manager Training

To manage the personnel evaluation system appropriately, every single supervisor who is in a position to evaluate their subordinates (line head) must have an adequate understanding of the system. It is also important that each line head should evaluate all of their subordinates in a fair manner based on specific criteria, without bias.
Major Asahi Group companies* therefore offer training for new line heads and follow-up training to ensure that new line heads meet the above requirements and to ensure that the results of evaluations are more convincing for the employees who are evaluated.
The training program is held every October for employees who have recently become line heads for the first time. These line heads receive new line head follow-up training in the following May. The aim and content of the evaluation system are obviously covered, but other topics include tendencies that the evaluators can fall into and countermeasures for those tendencies, adjustment of evaluations, and promotion of understanding of diversity—which is one of the behavioral evaluation indices. By providing explanations on these topics, we promote understanding and try to prevent any discrepancies in our evaluations.

For All Employees

Brother and Sister System and Career Advisor System
Brother and Sister System and Career Advisor System

Major group companies* ensure the efficient integration of new hires into the company through a program in which senior colleagues who have completed the required training provide guidance in their respective divisions. Another program supports the professional development of young employees through empathetic, face-to-face career conversations with retired employees who have been re-hired as contract workers.

New Employee Induction

Major group companies* of the Asahi Group jointly provide induction training to new employees. Conventionally, induction training was conducted by gathering the trainees in a single space. In 2020, all of the training sessions were moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A program is being independently provided with the goal of enhancing understanding of the Asahi Group Philosophy (“AGP”) and the Asahi Group as a whole, and to facilitate the learning of business manners.

Selective Programs

LEAD Program

Under this program, the Group selects personnel who strongly aspire to become future corporate directors from group companies in Japan through an open recruitment or nomination process.

LEAD Executive

Executive candidates are selected from Asahi Group companies in japan and they participate in a nine-month program to improve their practical skills to the level a business manager is expected to perform at. The program works in cooperation with Japanese graduate schools and similar programs. We also have a more practical program for the simulation of business management.

LEAD Advanced

Managers and heads who are expected to become executives are selected from Asahi Group companies in japan. They participate in a seven-month program in cooperation with Japanese graduate schools focused on business management. Students formulate an agenda of business strategies they would implement when they become a corporate manager in the future. In this way they are encouraged to establish their own style of business management.

LEAD Emerging

Young senior managers and candidate senior managers are selected from Asahi Group companies in japan to participate in this six-month program. In the program, they formulate a new project plan utilizing the Asahi Group companies' resources. In this way, they develop their ability to build a business model.

LEAD Start

Young employees aged around 25 are selected from Asahi Group companies in japan to participate in this three-day program. They play the role of an executive and experience the perspective that a corporate manager is supposed to have. The goal of the program is to motivate young employees to aspire to become corporate managers.

Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP)

The GLDP was introduced in 2014 with the goal of helping global leader candidates deepen their understanding of our business management principles, including our history and AGP, acquire a global perspective, more deeply understand employees from different regions and build networks.

GLDP Executive

The six-month action learning program targets japan and international executives with the goal of reinforcing Asahi's global management strengths based on AGP.

GLDP Advanced

Targeting japan and international heads, the program formulates a global, mid- and long-term strategy agenda based on AGP. It involves a six-month action learning program and provides recommendations to the executives of Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.

*In 2020, GLDP Advanced was postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19.

Global Challengers Program (GCP)

OJT (on-the-job training) is provided at overseas Asahi Group companies with the objectives of achieving Glocal business management with value creation based on AGP and systematically developing, from early stages, the human resources who will become capable of taking on leadership roles in a global market during an age of VUCA. The GCP targets young Japanese employees who aspire to become Glocal business managers or staff. Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. selects employees with linguistic skills and an aptitude for cross-cultural understanding to participate in GCP.

  • Started in 2010, the program sends employees overseas for between one year and one and a half years with the goal of systematically developing, from early stages, the human resources that will be capable of pursuing global careers. To date, more than 50 employees have been sent overseas in the program.
  • In 2018, we launched a new program for dispatching employees to newly acquired beer companies in Europe and one for dispatching mid-career employees for several months to enable them to acquire more practical business abilities.


Global HR meeting

The Global HR meeting in 2020 was held online over two days in October. The agenda included succession plans for the future and the competencies required for leaders, among other topics.

Career Design Interview

Employees of major Asahi Group companies* annually fill out Career Design Sheets envisioning the ways they will build their careers. All employees are required to discuss their careers with their supervisors based on their Career Design Sheet. Through this, supervisors are able to provide their subordinates with career support.