Initiatives on Respect for Human Rights

Support for the UN Global Compact

To confirm its respect for workers' rights, the Asahi Group declared its support for the United Nations Global Compact in June 2002 and remains committed to upholding its principles.

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Response to the UK's Modern Slavery Act 2015

The Asahi Group has released a statement on the UK's Modern Slavery Act.

Modern Slavery Risk Analysis (Theoretical Analysis)

The Asahi Group, in conjunction with its commitment to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015, conducted a theoretical analysis and assessment of risk focusing on modern slavery from two perspectives: the 17 countries in which the Asahi Group's production bases are located, and the 11 major items procured by the Asahi Group. Going forward, the Asahi Group will utilize the results of the theoretical analysis to identify risks related to modern slavery.

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Respect for Employees' Human Rights

At the Asahi Group, we set out the Asahi Group Key HR Principles to state our respect for every Asahi Group employee's character, individuality, and rights. In addition, with regard to the hiring and treatment of an employee, it is stipulated in our work regulations not to discriminate based on the employee's nationality, creed, and social status.
We check adherence to the policy for human rights and respond to risks within the company-wide compliance promotion system and risk management system. The company has established a reporting and response system for issues related to human rights, which includes a consultation service section in the Human Resources Department as well as the General Affairs Section at business units to deal with such issues.
In addition, we conduct employee training and raise employees'awareness of respect for human rights, aiming to increase each person's understanding of human rights.

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Educational Programs for Increasing Consideration for elderly people and people with disabilities

The Asahi Group conducts the Universal Manners Test for employees, hosted by the NPO Japan Universal Manners Association.
“Universal Manners” was created by the Japan Universal Manners Association, and refers to mindfulness and behavior that is considerate toward all different kinds of people, such as elderly people, people with disabilities, people using strollers, and people from other countries. We learn about issues faced by many different people and their psychology, and use this understanding in our daily lives and in our work in order to improve our corporate value.

Number of people who took the Universal Manners Test
2015 2016 2017
Level 3 275 126 105
Level 2 - 42 42

Training Program on Discrimination for New Recruits (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)

To eradicate discrimination, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. provides its new employees with anti-discrimination training in April every year. In this training, new employees view an educational video, which is used to promote understanding of discrimination issues, and have discussions to deepen their awareness of the issues.

Number of participants in the anti-discrimination training and attendance rate (Asahi Breweries, Ltd.)
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Number of participants 70 60 57 77 81
Attendance rate 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Training for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Bullying

The Asahi Group Business Corporate Ethics Guidelines stipulates that the company will fulfill its obligation to consider the safety of employees, will protect their lives and physical being together with their health. The company has also declared that it takes a firm stance against various types of harassment including sexual harassment and bullying.

Training for new line heads throughout the Asahi group involves in-depth discussion and debate of management requirements around compliance and risk, as well as personnelhuman rights issues such as sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.

In this way, the Asahi Group is committed to boosting employee awareness at all levels around workplace harassment, compliance requirements and risk mitigation as a preventative measure.

From now on, we will continue to spread the awareness to further promote a worker-friendly work setting.

Respect for Human Rights throughout the Supply Chain

Concerning the Asahi Group's supply chain, we have set “consideration for human rights” as part of the CSR Principles for Asahi Group Suppliers, and we require our suppliers to adhere to this principle. Our suppliers report on their human rights initiatives via the Supplier CSR Survey, which is conducted every three years. The responses to this survey are reflected in supplier evaluations and are used as the basis for future business transactions. We then visit suppliers to conduct interviews based on the survey results. We thereby confirm their situations through face-to-face dialogues and work with them to address their issues, if any.

Before starting to work with a new business partner, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. checks the same information as that obtained through the Supplier CSR Survey. The company requires the new business partner to adhere to the CSR Principles for Asahi Group Suppliers before signing a contract.

In addition to the above, we explain our CSR Principles for Asahi Group Suppliers when the opportunity arises to deepen our suppliers’ understanding of human rights.

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Consultation Service on Human Rights

The Asahi Group offers a consultation service regarding human rights. It comprises two whistle-blowing systems; that is, a Clean Line System for employees and a Procurement Clean Line System for suppliers.

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