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Respect for Human Rights


As the human rights of vulnerable people are increasingly threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and other recent developments, there is growing interest in companies’ approaches to respecting human rights.
As a corporate group that operates its business globally, the Asahi Group considers one of its basic duties to be the respect of human rights for those impacted by its activities. The Asahi Group Human Rights Principles clearly state our commitment to respecting individual human rights and diversity, as well as to preventing discrimination, conduct that violates individual dignity and any form of forced labor or child labor.
Moreover, we are working to establish a human rights due diligence process, to provide thoroughgoing human rights education to our employees and business partners, and develop a framework for redressing victims of human rights infringements.

Management System

As part of its initiatives to ensure respect for human rights, the Board of Directors at Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd. takes supervisory responsibility, and has specified its role (under the Asahi Group Human Rights Principles) of performing regularly monitoring of the state of compliance with the Principles, and the progress of related initiatives. In order to reduce the risk of human rights infringements in the Group’s business activities as a whole, we have established the Asahi Group Human Rights Council as part of sustainability task force in our new sustainability promotion framework. Human rights issues discussed by the Council are reported to the responsible director (Executive Officer, CHRO, in charge of sustainability), discussed at the Corporate Strategy Board, and then reported to the Board of Directors for further discussion.

Furthermore, in recognition of the fact that the unlikely event of human rights-related risks being actualized would have a major impact on the Asahi Group, the state of the Group’s response to human rights issues is also regularly reported to the Risk Management Committee, which was established under our enterprise risk management system introduced in 2019, and whose membership consists of the CEO, other executive directors and executive committee members nominated by the CEO.

In terms of specific initiatives, the five divisions of Asahi Group Holdings (Strategy, HR, Legal Affairs, Procurement and Sustainability) which constitute the members of the Asahi Group Human Rights Council are working together to promote due diligence with regard to human rights issues.

Our Organizational Structure in Human Rights Management
Our Organizational Structure in Human Rights Management


The Asahi Group follows the Asahi Group Human Rights Principles as it seeks to contribute to a sustainable society.


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